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Re: sayana sEvai Description

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 13:18:30 PDT

Dear Venkat,

As Viji said, your picturesque description of the sEvai
was very moving.  The paragraph below brought to mind 
Sri Tirukkudandai Andavan ("Kannan") Swami's vivid description 
of how vairamuDi sEvai used to be conducted in the old days 
in Tirunarayanapuram.  

Kannan Swami said that the sEvai would start at 10pm,
and perumaaL would slowly make one pradakshiNam, lasting
about four hours, ending at about 2am in the morning!
As He would make his rounds, He would swagger this way
and that way, leaning from one side to another.  Kannan
Swami's anubhavam was that perumaaL does this so that even 
if some poor soul were unable to see Him in those crowded 
conditions, perumaaL would lean and make sure that He
saw his bhakta!

> Dear Venkat,
>     I really liked your colourful description of the sEvai. Esp. the one
> about the eager and impatient late comers... It somehow reminded me of
> how perumAL would be eager to find a prapannan. (as explained in Sri
> vachana bhUshaNam, 4'th prakaraNam, 1'st verse)
> -Viji
> (Vijay Triplicane)
> "The "Late" comers keep shifting places because one thoon is slightly on
> the left and so they may perhaps not be able to catch the full view and
> so they keep looking around,some are standing and looking for empty
> spaces which can be grabbed immediatly..."


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