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Re: GodhA Sthuthi Recital Kaimkaryam at SrivilliputthUr on July 30

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 13:58:34 PDT

Dear Shri Satakopan Sir:

It is very heartening to know that a lot of people are taking such an 
initiative.  It must inspire all of us to do similar things in the USA.  
Thanks to your sister for providing great leadership.

Your presence in the bhakti list is a great inspiration to all of us and I 
hope ruffles on the surface do not disturb the deep waters of your 
contributions to our sampradayam.


Buffalo, NY

>From: Sadagopan <>
>Subject: GodhA Sthuthi Recital Kaimkaryam at  SrivilliputthUr on July 30
>Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 08:01:30 -0400 (EDT)

>The group of 108 members of the GodhA Priyaa
>sevA samithi had the Bhaagyam of singing
>before Our ThAyAr at SrivillipputthUr
>on Her Einthu Garuda Sevai dinam
>both Swami Desikan's GodhA Sthuthi
>and selected Paasurams from NaacchiyAr
>The length of the recital heard by Our ThAyAr
>was 2 hours ( 2-4 PM). The estimate of the Bhaktha
>Janams assembled by one count was 2,000 .
>Thus this group had the BhAgyam of
>a two hour audience with Sri VishNuchittha
>Kulanandhana Kalpavallee to
>offer their Naadha NaivEdhyam in
>the spirit of " GodhAM ananya SaraNa:
>SaraNam PrapathyE ".
>Subhamasthu ,
>ANDAL ThiruvadikaLE SaraNam ,

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