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Another srivaishnava home page from Bahrain

From: Venkat.R (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 08:13:41 PDT

Sri lakshmi nrusimha parabrahammane namaha
srimathe ramanujaya namaha
srimathe vedanta desikaya namaha
srimathe adi vaN satakopa yatheendra maha desikaya namaha
sri lakshmi nrusimha divya paduka sevaka sri vaN satakopa sri
narayana yatheendraya namaha.

Dear Devotees,

namO narayana. adiyen's pranamams.

adiyen is pleased to inform all of you that on this sacred day of
ThiruvaadippUram, our Bahrain srivaishnava satsangh has committed
to financially support "Thanjai maamaNik koil" on a regular basis.
The first contribution is being sent in today. adiyen is coordinating
with sri.Varadhan on this kaimkaryam.

adiyen has also designed a web page to popularise our satsangh acitivities
in Bahrain. The title of the web page is "Srivaishnava Home page of
Bahrain". We will update you on our satsangh activities from time to
and archive Divya prabandams, stotras,Gita and other works of our

The URL for the page is

adiyen must confess that he is not a software expert and can't even
understand what these cybar space jargons like java,meta tags,html etc
etc are really mean. Still adiyen did my best to create one *without*
any assitance of computer experts. adiyen would appreciate
feed back from software experts in the list to guide him to make the
web page more interactive and appealing.

adiyen has provided links to other srivaishnava sites that i am aware of.
Please send a note if you are aware of any other site or if any of the
links are incorrect. adiyen would appreciate if the members who are
a web page could provide a link in their sites to our web page.This will a
great encouragement for us.

We place this humble attempt of web page creation at the lotus feet
of Divya dhampathis and seek their blessings to continue our bagavath,
bhagavatha and acharya kaimkaryams.We will be reciting Nachchiar thirumozhi
and Godha stuthi today evening during our weekly wednesday prabandha goshti.

We would appreciate your valuable feed back.

srimad azhagiyasinger thiruvadigale saranam.

adiyen dasan,

venkataraghava dasan.

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