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RE: Some thoughts on recent discussions in the list

From: Purnima Koustubhan (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 19:41:54 PDT

Dear Sri Narasimhan Krishnamachari

I agree with the sentiments you expressed in your posting. It is all too 
easy to create an avalanche of misunderstandings and hurt feelings when 
discussing topics which often elicit immediate and emotionally charged 
reactions. More than once, Mani has had to (gently) remind us to check the 
tone of our postings before mailing it to the list.

However.... (could you tell I had a however coming?) I think 'editing' 
postings to the board would be a be a mistake because:

1. By taking on the role of editing or censoring material, you remove the 
member's responsibility to police themselves.

2. You also eliminate a learning opportunity. Some of us (ok, maybe just me) 
first find the "line" by crossing it. (oops)

3. I find most controversies interesting to follow. Most times they reveal 
points of view I had never heard before.

4. The spirit of this (and most) internet discussions groups is the free, 
dynamic, uncensored exchange of information ( set within the original 
parameters of the discussion group of course)

So, while I do agree that we should all count to 10 and take a deep breath 
before posting to the list, I hope postings continue to make it to the list 
without being censored.


Purnima Koustubhan
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