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Periya Thirumozhi 3.1- Nin vadivazhaghu maRavaadhaar piRavaadharE

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 05:43:01 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr describes the Sowlabhyam of the Lord
by His showing Himself at Divya dEsams easily accessible
to the everyone, thereby He gets enjoyment too.

1.  Varaaha mUrthy, who saved the Mother earth - BhUmi
PiraaTTi- by bringing her back from the deep floods, by
lifting the earth on His bent horn, - the Lord who had
reclined and had His Yoga nithrA on the dark vast, cool
Ocean - resides in His full Blissful form, on His own
free will, at Thiruvaheendrapuram. (in Tamil Thiruvayindrapuram),
where the bees suck the sweet honey from lovely beautiful flowers,
singing and dancing. This Divya dEsam is full of such fertile
gardens and fragrant flowers.

2.  The One who has the brightest strongest ChakrA in His Hand,
who has always Periya PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi residing in His
Chest, who is the meaning and essence of what all four Vedas
proclaim- Such Greatest Lord Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan
resides here Thiruvayindrapuram. At this place, one can hear the
bees humming and see the bees entering into the beautiful
lotus flowers.

3.  The Sarva sakthan- Emperumaan- who had eaten all 7 worlds
had His Yoga NithrA on a little Banyan leaf- Such Most wonderful
Lord- Sarva vyApakan- the One who shows Himself to His
devotees in full, - Deiva nAyakan resides permanently
at Thiruvayindrapuram. To match His soft tender ThirumEni,
there are kurukkatthi, sheNbhagam, mullai flowers in this sthalam
and one can enjoy the breeze gently shaking these creepers, the sound of 
Lotus flowers dancing to the breeze movement. Such a natural beauty is this 

4.  "I am Your enemy" angrily uttering this, HiraNyakasipu
fought against the Lord who simply and effortlessly
tore the strong chest of HiraNyakasipu with His sharp
nail and blessed his son Prahalada - Such Greatest Lord
resides at Thiruvayindrapuram. This sthalam is the most
beautiful fertile land flooded with sugar cane juices and
lovely ponds of cool waters.

5.  In the yaagam performed by MahAbhali, He simply walked
in as a small brahmin boy, and begged for three measures of earth.
Then, later He killed the seven oxen for winning the hand of
Nappinnai PiraaTTi. Such Most Powerful Lord resides at
Thiruvayindrapuram, where the monkeys jump from the vEngai,
kOngu, and sheNbhagam tree branches and eat the honey
dripping jack fruits at this sthalam.

6.  Due to the cruel words of Mantharai, the hunch backed
woman, He, along with His PiraaTTi, proceeded to the
forest. Such Dark hued Most Beautiful Lord of Divine
ThirumEni, resides at Thiruvayindrapuram, which is
surrounded by most fertile gardens, tall mountains, and huge
ramparts, where the moon lands up and relaxes for a while.

7.  For the sake of thin lightning like waist lined, creeper like,
most feminine Periya PiraaTTi, He effortlessly pulverized
the ten heads of rAvaNan of lankA, which is situated on the
top of suvEla mountain. Such Greatest Lord Rama resides at
Thiruvayindrapuram, where the hamsams (swans) along with
their mates swim happily in the beautiful cool ponds, and where
the paddy fields gently fan these swans.

8.  The One who, for the sake of the most fragrant dark haired
SitA PiraaTTi, broke the bow, who effortlessly with His small
hand, lifted the huge Govardhana giri for protecting the cattle
from the torrential heavy down pour, resides permanently at
this Thiruvayindrapuram Divya dEsam, which is full of beautiful
cool rivers that on its way, bring the ivory tuskers of the strong
elephants, and the tall "agil" trees from the mountains.

9.  The Lord my nAthan- who stood victoriously helping Arjunan
and driving his chariot in the KurukshEthra battle, against the
DuryOdhanaadhis having spear in their hands, - such SarvEshwaran
resides at Thiruvayindrapuram, where beautiful rivers flow;
where the betel nut trees spread fragrance form their leaves.

10.  The One who is the ONLY One among three, (Brahma,
VishNu, Sivan) and who is the antharyaami in Brahma and Sivan;
who brought the worlds back from His stomach after eating them and
protecting them during PraLayam (cosmic cycle end)- the Lord - My
Emperumaan resides showing himself so Beautifully and most
gracfeully, by quenching the thaapams (desire to see Him) of even
Devas and asurAs at Thiruvayindrapuram. About this JyOthi of
Thiruvayindrapuram, these ten pAasurams of Kaliyan have been
composed. Sins and Paapams /Karmic diseases will not
chase those who read these ten pAsurams.

(About Thiruvaheendrapuram Divya dEsam, Please visit Sri Vaishnava Home page 
by Sri Mani, to get to know more info. The lovely statement that captivated 
me on the Thiruvaheendra Puram  Divya Dampathiís photo:
"nin vadivazhaghu maRavaadhaar piRavaadhaarE" (Those who do
not forget His Divine Beautiful ThirumEni, will NEVER be BORN))

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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