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A tinge of MadapaLLi Sampradayam's glory

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 02:08:03 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Chitthirai Hastham- today is the Thirunakshathram of 
Kidaambhi Aacchaan-  Sri PraNathaarthiharar Swami, an 
Ardent sishya of Sri Bhagavadh Ramanuja. 

When Emperumaanaar was on his daily bikshai rounds, once, he was 
offered poisonous food with a plot to kill him. The lady (who was 
asked to carry out that act by the evil minded husband) fell at
Ramanuja's feet and had tears in her eyes that made Ramanuja
get suspicious. It was discovered later that poison was mixed.

Later, when ThirukkOttiyoor Nambhi came to know of this news,
he rushed to see Emperumaanaar. Hearing that his AchAryA is
on the way, Ramanuja, ran towards him and met him on the banks
of the Kaveri river. 

He prostrated at his feet by falling flat on the ground. Mid summer-the
scorching sun could burn even the heels. Emperumaanaar fell on the
river sands. ThirukkOttoyoor Nambhi said nothing and looked
elsewhere. Kidaambhi Acchaan who was nearby standing, lost his
temper and said to Nambhi "this is more severe than the poison offered to

ThirukkOttiyoor Nambhi smiled and said "Get up! Emperumaanaare!
Now I have found the most apt person to take care of You! Acchaan is here,
And he will prepare food for you... He will take greater care of you..than
anyone else as he could not bear even a minute long suffering of yours 
on this hot sand".  

Kidaambhi Acchaan, thenceforth was called MadappaLLi Acchaan
and learnt all Ramanuja Siddhaantham along with the thaLigai 
preparations for YathirAjar and his disciples. Kidaambhi
Acchaan who was preparing and serving food for Ramanuja had
close contact with him and used to get many of his queries
answered.  What a kaimkaryam a from Acchaan! How nice! 
What a great way to learn Srivaishnava sampradayam from YathirAjar
by offering him tasty palatable food! Kidaambhi Acchaan became
the preceptor in the hierarchy of AchAryAs in the line of Rahasyas
 and taught all these Rahasyas learnt from Bhagawadh Ramanuja, to his
sishyas.. Kidaambhi, YengaL AzhwAn, Nadaadoor AmmAL, AppuLLAr, 
thereby to Swami Desikan. 

Swami Desikan thus had the best opportunity to imbibe all Rahasyarthas
and all Sampradaaya arthas, in this line of AchArya Paramparai.
 The other line of AchAryas for Sri Bhasyam and Bhagawadh Vishayam 
(Thiruvaaymozhi vyAkyanam by Thirukurugaipiraan PiLLaan) was next
to Ramanuja, PiLLaan, YengaLAzhwAn, Nadadur AmmAL, AppuLLAr
 and Swami Desikan. Both paramparas thus converged on Swami Desikan.

There is another AchArya Parampara that descended from Ramanuja namely,
Embaar, Bhattar, Nanjeeyar, and NampiLLai, et al. In this Parampara, Sri
Nanjeeyer had the opportunity to learn the Sampradayarthas through Bhattar
and other AchAryas very close to Ramanuja. Swami Desikan, 
acknowledges with gratitude in his Rahasyathrayasaram that Nanjeeyer 
referred to as Periya Jeeyer has elaborated in his Sri Suktha Bhasyam the
essential Sampradaic tatvams. 

Swami Desikan, hailing from this MadappaLLi Sampradayam himself states
In his concluding stanza of Rahasya thraya saram, "Ithi Yathiraja
mahanasa ParimaLa pari vahitha vaasanam pibhata, vibhudha parishan
nishEvyam vEdAnthOdayana sampradaya sudham". 

"Inhale the fragrant smell of Sampradayaarthaas that have flowed 
from the kitchen of Bhagawadh Ramanuja..."

Swami states "my life has been spent in tasting the nectar that
flowed from works of Ramanuja". Such was his devotion to YathirAja.

A tinge of madappaLLi sampradayam's glory for the enjoyment
of your olfactory nerves.. 

AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan