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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 18:45:16 PDT

>Srimahavishnu wrote:

>> adiyEn has never seen this mantra pushpam being recited anywhere. 
>> So when is the above-mentioned Manthra Pushpam to be chanted ?

Supplementing the excellent information provided by
Sri Mani Varadarajan earlier , I wish to add that 
AlankArAsanam is the section of the Bhagavadh AarAdahanm , 
where Manthra Pushpam is traditionally recited .

The sequence or the ten sub steps of the AlankArAsanam 
are :

(1) PrArthanA (2)Arghyam (3) Paadhyam (4) AachamanIyam 
(5) AlankAram (6)Ghandham (7)DhUpam (8) Dheepam 
(9) MANTHRA PUSHPAM and (10) ArchanA .

Manthra Pushpam in all its glory and in an
unabridged state is included as a part of 
the AarAdhana kramam in the AchArya RaamAnujA
CD ROM that is awaiting release . 

>Sri Rangaramanuja Mahadesikan, popularly known as Kozhiyalam
>Swami, writes about the alankArAsana in the 'Laghu Ahnikam':
>   ... bhagavanmantrai: pushpAni pradAya praNamya yathASakti
>   stotrANi paThitvA ...

There are Veda Rks ,sthOthrams , RaamAyaNa slOkams and paasurams 
et al in the section on Manthra Pushpam ." YathA sakthi " are the
key words .It is like an accordion .You can compress 
or expand as indicated below as "sarvEshtAm ". 
>The editor of this book writes in a footnote:
>   'mantra pushpa' iti prasiddha-veda-vaidika-vividha-
>   sUkta-anusandhAana-pUrvaka-arcanAnushThAnam sarveshTam.