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Sri Narasimha
Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 16:48:17 PDT

Dear devotees,

The endearing story of how Lord Narasimha (the fourth of Vishnu's 
dasavatara-s) saved His devotee Prahlada from a demonic tyrant has 
perpetually fascinated mankind. Indeed, for millenia artists have painted and 
carved His form, great kings have sought His blessings before war, and the 
devotees have always recited His transcendental pastimes and worshipped His 

In Narasimha-purana, Sri Narasimha's power is hinted at by Hiranyakasipu 
himself just before his horrific demise:

"In course of our fight, Indra's lordly elephant came to hit me in the chest; 
I remember its tusks strong like pestle had been broken to pieces.  The 
battle axe of Lord Shiva (the holder of the Pinaka bow) had been blunted in 
collision with my chest, but alas!  Now the Nails of Narasimha so easily tear 
apart my huge  expansive chest!"

Visit and see the Lord's power and glory!

Enjoy your visit!

Gerald Surya