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Periya Thirumozhi 2.10- ThirukkovalooradhanuL kaNdEn naanE!

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Date: Tue Apr 27 1999 - 02:19:27 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

“I have enjoyed seeing Him- Emperumaan along with Periya PiraaTTi 
residing at ThirukkOviloor” declares ThirumangaiAzhwAr in these
ten (2.10) pAsurams on ThirukkOviloor:

ThirukkOviloor- near Villupuram. 

Moolavar- Trivikraman- the Right foot reaching the sky- Standing
Posture- Huge PerumAL- Most Beautiful Divine face (Thirumukham)
facing East. Sanghu and Chakram have changed their places, due to 
Lord’s urgency in taking Trivikramaavathaaram-it is told! (especially
When I visited this sthalam during my last vacation in Dec, when we
went inside the sanctum sanctorum, the electricity went off; It was 6 
With the Oil lamps, and camphor, we enjoyed the Divya darshan and The
Lord of about nine feet tall looked marvellous is a gross 
Uthsavar: Aayanaar- dhEhaLeesar -  Kovalan (Gopalan)
Thaayaar- Poo~nkOval naacchiyaar.
Prathyaksham- to MahAbhalai, MrugaNdu maharishi, Brahma, Indran,
Kaashyapar, and mudhal three AzhwArs (Swami Desikan composed
dhEhaLeesa Sthuthi)

1. The seven mountains (that have the dark clouds wandering in their
tops),  the seven big oceans, the seven worlds, the earth- keeping 
all these in His stomach, and reclining on a little Banyan leaf 
having His YoganithrA- Such Greatest Apathsakaayan- the unbounded 
limitless KalyaaNa guNagaNouga mahaarNvan- SarvEshwaran- I saw Him in
ThirukkOviloor, the fertile sthalam full of beautiful paddy fields, 
which is situated on the southern banks of PeNNai river, and which 
is full of Vedic brahmins, always performing sOma yaagam, with only
praising of Emperumaan as their only thought and no other 
materialistic benefits.

2. Carrying the lovely bloomed most fragrant thuLasi garlands, the 
sandal, the lamps, the incense smoke, etc…- with all these, Brahma 
and other Devas have come and paid their obeisance to Emperumaan who 
reclines on AnathAzhwAn. The most Beautiful Periya PiraaTTi, born of 
Lotus flower and BhUmi PiraaTTi- the Ones who have sandal paste 
smeared tender breasts- 
gently massage and squeeze His Feet. The seven music, the six 
VedA~ngams, the five yaaghams, the four Vedas, the three agnis (types 
of fire), - with these, meditating both times (day and night)- Vedic 
Brahmins pay their obeisance to the One- the Greatest Emperumaan, who 
resides at ThirukkOviloor. I have seen Him myself!

3. When the elephant was trapped by the crocodile and suffered and 
thinned down in the middle of the Lotus pond, shouted for the Lord’s 
rescue, “AdhimoolamE! (The Primordial Chief!), the Lord appeared then 
and there with His ChakrA on Garudan occupying the whole space in the 
sky, and showered His mercy on the Elephant. The Lord of 
ThirukkOviloor who looks like the Beautiful lamp, like 
the dark blue waters; like the buds of flowers from punnai tree are 
like the drops of pearl; and the just bloomed fresh flowers are like 
the yellowish gold. 
I have seen such Most Beautiful Lord at TirukkOviloor.
(What a poetic narration by Kaliyan!)

4. The Lord who had appeared on Garudan and chased Maali asuran
and others(of LankA before rAvaNan’s time) and removed the
sufferings of the world. Thereby the Lord became the sweetest
nectar for those whose eyes were welled with tears of joy that time.
Such Greatest Lord- I saw Him atThirukkOviloor, where the
bees hum in the most fragrant flower gardens. 

5. Right from Karan, (the one who has the blood stained spear), 
Kabhanthan, Vaali, et al were simply killed by just one arrow from 
Him; the armies of asurAs (of curved crescent moon like teeth), who 
have their swords in their hands were effortlessly destroyed by the 
Lord Rama along with their chief rAvaNan too!
Due to Veda gOsham, their (Srivaishnavas) glory keeps on getting 
greater! At the halls, and inns, these brahmins repeat Vedic 
recitations (what they had learnt). The ponds are filled with most 
flagrant breezy winds. In such beautiful ThiruukkOviloor, I saw this 
Lord (who had appeared as Rama!)

6. The Lord who had swiftly stolen the just made butter; the Kutti 
KaNNan- whose smile can be seen even in the dense dark night- such 
white lustrous teeth! Seeing His act of stealing butter, His mother 
YashOdhA tied Him to the mortar, and He was seen with eyes full of 
tears and red curvy cute lips and the bimbha fruit like mouth 
(etthiRam iNaindhiRandhE~nghiya eLivE! Says NammAzhwAr) This Parama
Sowlabhyan- Emperumaan-I saw Him at ThirukkOviloor along with
Periya PiraaTTi, Saraswathi and the eight handed durgA.

7. I saw at TirukkOviloor (which is filled with beautiful gardens 
the dark betel nut trees show the pearl like leaves (paaLai?); its 
nuts are
like the Emerald stones; its fruits like are the red corals) the Lord 
KaNNan who angrily killed the Kuvalayaapeetam elephant, tore open the 
kesi asuran’s mouth, killed the seven strong oxen, crawled in between 
the two big marudha trees, who kicked with His soft Thiruvadi the 
giant wheel (sakatAsuran), and who was the demon Yaman for Kamsan 
right from His

8. The Lord drove the chariot for Arjunan in the battle filed of 
kurukshEthram in order to lessen the burden of the Mother Earth (by 
killing the Kauravas)and destroyed the armies of His enemies 
effortlessly. I saw Such victorious Greatest Lord at TirukkOviloor, 
which is full of Vedic Brahmins and appears so glorious as if Sivan, 
Brahman, Indran and KubhEran live there. 

9. Along with the Most Beautiful Periya PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi and BhUmi
PiraaTTi, having the most Brightest ChakrA and Divine Conch in His
Hands, He shines most lustrously as the KaRpaka tree, (granting all 
that one wishes for). He showers His mercy and grants the wishes of 
His devotees, who surrender to Him as the Only relation and refuge. 
Red Lotus like Feet, the lovely Beautiful limbs, Red curvy mouth, 
Large black ruddy lined eyes, the smooth PeethAmbharam, - with all 
these, He is the Personification of Most exquisite Beauty. I saw such 
Greatest Lord at TirukkOviloor, where people of high calibre like 
Sivan and Brahma reside.

10. Sarveshwaran- the Lord who had removed the suffering of
GajEndran, the One who is loving and dearest to His devotees,
The One who is greatly beautiful and is like the dark, black, 
Cool clouds (which is cooler than the Emerald stone)- AzhwAr
said that he had seen such Greatest Most beautiful Lord at
ThirukkOviloor, the Divya sthalam, which is blessed with
the great wealth of Vedic Brahmins, having pure Athma guNam,
likeable to all. These ten pAsurams on this PerumAL have been
sung by Kaliyan (the King of Thiruma~ngai)and those who
recite them (or read their menaings) will get: Even if they reach
this sthalam and pray to the Lord for materialistic benefits, 
they will be blessed to see (have a vision of) the SarvEshwaran,
who is (not seen) hidden; but spreads His existence/presence

Thiruma~ngaiAzhwAr ThiruvadiagLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan



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