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Sathvaa guNaan Bhuvana SundharA! - Letter from Rukmini...

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 18:51:46 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Further to Nellikani and RukmiNi mahAthmyam (Thanks to 
Sriman Sadagopan for his clarification on Nellikaai.) please
find below the letter written by Rukmini to Krishna, when 
Her brother RukmI had planned and arranged for her wedding
with Sisupaalan (an enemy of Krishna's). The black eyed Beauty
Rukmini became highly morose for being the victim of getting
wedded to Sisupalan since she had fallen in love with our Lord
KaNNan. Being a king's daughter, she knew the political
diplomacy. So, she took immediate steps to let Krishna know of her 
love and her condition. After lot of deliberation, she decided to
write a letter to Him. She sent through a brahmin. 

The letter goes as follows: (from ISCKON journal "Back to Godhead
Written by Swami Prabhupada)

"Sathvaa guNaan Bhuvana sundhara! (Oh Most beautiful One and the Lord
of  Most Auspicious attributes with Pure Sathva guNam!) Oh infallible one
and Most merciful One! I have heard Your qualities. I may be shameless in
expressing myself so directly, but You have captivated me and taken away
my heart. I am an unmarried young girl, young in age and You may doubt
the steadiness of my character. But, my dearest Krishna, since You are the
Supreme Lion among men, any girl not yet gone out of her home or any
woman of the highest chastity, would desire to marry You, being captivated
by Your unprecedented character, knowledge, opulence and position.

I know that You are very kind towards Your devotees. Therefore, I have
decided to serve You eternally. My dearest Lord, I have dedicated
my life, soul unto Your Lotus feet. I have selected Your Lordship as 
my husband. I request You to accept me as Your wife. You are 
supremely powerful, Oh Lotus Eyed Lord! Now I belong to You. 
It would be ludicrous if what is enjoyable for the Lion alone
is taken away by the jackal (Sisupalan). Therefore I request You
to immediately take care of me before I am taken away by Sisupala.
Please come here and catch hold of my hand so that I will not
be touched by sisupala and his men. "

Rest is History. Sri Krishna saved Her and married Her.

Sarvam Sri KrishNArpaNamasthu.

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan