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RE: Srimati Rukmini Devi

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 02:20:29 PDT


Dear Sri Gerald Surya,

Thanks for a lovely post on RukmiNi piraaTTi. She is the darling consort of
Sri Krishna. She is an avathaar of MahAlakshmi as you have mentioned from 
Sri Vishnu puraaNa. 

Your post reminded me of my grandma's narrating a story of Rukmini-

Sathyabhama (BhUmi PiraaTTi's amsam) and Rukmini had competed
with each other as to who is closer to Their sweet KaNNan. Rukmini had asked
Krishna as to who is dearer to Him. Krishna said, "You are as sweet as the 
water consumed after eating "nellikkani" (what do you say that in English?)
SathyabhAma overheard this and angrily approached Krishna, what about me?
Hmmmm.. tell me.. Sri Krishna smiled and said "You are so sweet like water
taken after the consumption of groundnut or peanuts. Sathyabhama was
that she is dearer and left the place. (Because ground nut is tastier than

Rukmini with a questioning look, showed signals of displeasure to Krishna.
Krishna warmly hugged Her.. "Dear! Take a bite of nelli and drink water!
You will find it extremely tasty and sweeter! On the other hand, take a
a couple of ground nuts and drink water. You will hate drinking even a drop
of any
more water!" (One shall take vellam (Jaggery) after eating groundnuts!)

Rukmini piraaTTi was all smiles....(After my grandma narrated this, we did 
experiment... It is true.. Water after nelli is great!)
Sri Rukmini samEtha Sri Krishna ParabrahmaNE nama:

Krishna Krishna

Narayana dAsan Madhavkkannan

(*Tomorrow, if I am place to find it at home, I will send the letter of
Rukmini to 

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