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Srimati Rukmini Devi
Date: Sun Apr 25 1999 - 20:28:54 PDT

Dear devotees, 

On Vaishkakha sukla dvadasi (April 26/27) is recognized as the appearance day 
of Srimati Rukmini Devi.  Sri Vishnu Purana declares unequivocally Her 
exalted status as Lakshmi-tattva.  

Sri Vaadiraaja Tiirtha, a great Maadhva saint, glories Her wonderful 

"That belly of Sri Krishna was not tied with the many ropes  (by Yasoda) in 
Nandagopa's house in Goukula is now always tied with the delightful rope of 
love in the form of the horripilated hands of Rukmini (daughter of Bhismaka) 
who embraces Him.  Even a capable person will be brought under control by 
love." (18.19) 

"Being immersed in the sea of joy Rukmini offered Her surging tears of joy at 
the feet of Her husband (Sri Krishna who comesmeditate upon the region of the 
braided and ornamented hair tied over the heads of Rukmini and Sri Krishna. 
Sri Krishna's is supreme, black and very much like the mass of the 
chowry-deer's tail and wears a crown shining with gems of various kinds.  Sri 
Rukmini's is shining and bears a mass of blossomed flowers." (19.10) 

"Each of the four hands of Sri Krishna was useful individually in holding the 
saranga bow in war, in pulling the fine bow string, in taking up the bow from 
the quiver, and in yoking the arrow to the bow.  Even in the secret 
love-sports one of His hands was useful in holding hte chignon of Rukmini, 
two in embracing Rukmini and the other in holding Her cheek to Sri Krishna 
who was drinking the nectar of Her lower lips." (19.36) 

"The necklace of pearls, though born in a good bamboo and though having a 
good thread and rounded gems does not find a place between the (plump and 
hard) breasts of Rukmini even as people born in a good family, though having 
good qualities and behavior, do not find a place near hard-hearted persons.  
What is the use of a good family or groups of good qualities near 
hard-hearted people?" (19.35) 

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha also glorifies repeatedly the limbs of Sri Rukmini and 
Sri Krishna: 

"Let the lower lips of Rukmini, queen of Sri Krishna, be for the prosperity 
of virtuous persons.  Sri Krishna ...became always free from old age and 
death from the drop of nectar from that lip which is similar to the very ripe 
(red) bimba fruit and which is very beautiful." (18.59) 

"Though the nose ornament of Rukmini is made of pearls (though it has 
obtained moksa), it is always attached to Her soft lips.  Being hit by the 
arrow of Rukmini's side glances, it becomes merged in its luster... Will 
there be any strain on the part of Rukmini to captivate Sri Krishna who is 
also a nitya-mukta (eternally liberated? What then of others?" (19.3) 

"Rukmini is the gem born in the ocean of the dynasty of the vidarbha king or 
the milk ocean that has no sacrificial grass and bamboo.  That Krishna is the 
ornament of the Yadus who are born in the dynasty of the moon (the leader of 
the stars and the brother of Laksmi).  Know the connection of these two -- 
Krishna and Rukmini -- as suitable for the continuation of the dynasty." 

(Rukminisa vijaya Translation by Vasudeva Rau)

Gerald Surya