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Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 08:47:57 PDT

Dear devotees

This year, Sita-navami, the appearance day of Sita Devi,  falls on the 23rd 
of April.

Her glories are sun by the poet-saint Thyagaraja in his "Sri Janakatayane"

Oh daughter of Janaka, the blessed souls of refugees!  Oh Consort of Sri 
Raghu Rama, bedecked with shining gem-ornaments! Pray, protect me always! You 
are the wind that destroys the clouds of demons like the hundres-headed 
Ravana; You are the indweller in the hearts of the devotees; Your Feet shine 
with the lustre of gems set in the crown of Indra.

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Gerald Surya