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Periya Thirumozhi 2.9- Sri VaikuNta nAthan is here at Kacchi!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Apr 23 1999 - 01:49:19 PDT


Dearest Sisters and brothers,

AzhwAr, still in nAyikA bhAvam describes about the Parathvam of 
ParamEswara viNNagaa Emperumaan! Before proceeding further, let us 
have a look at the sthala purANam!

It is in Periya Kaanchipuram.
Moolavar: ParamapadhanAthan- VaikunthanAthan, sitting posture. facing 
Thaayaar- Vaikuntha valli;
Prathyaksham to the PalaavarAjan king.
Idheeham: There was a king by name virOshanan and he had no child. He 
prayed to KailAsa nAthan (at Kanchi) and was blessed with two sons 
(reported to be avataar of VishNu's dWAra Palakas) as Pallavan and 
Villavan; The sons became ardent devotees of VishNu and performed 
asvamEdha yaagham by the side of PuNyakOdi Vimaanam. Sriman Narayanan 
appeared as VaikunTa nAthan in sitting posture and blessed them; 
VrajA nadhI has been reported to be the pushkaraNi here.

Over to AzhwAr's enjoyment:

1. Shabdham (the sound) the Veda nAtham that generates such divine 
sound- the esoteric meaning of such divine Vedam- all is He; the 
Lord- He is beyond the sparsam, the sound, the smell, the sight and 
the taste; He is the antharyaami of Sivan, Brahma; He is Sriman 
Narayanan. He stays here at this verpy place at Kanchi- ParamEswara 
ViNNagaram. This place was worshipped by Pallavan and Villavan kings, 
who are respected and regarded by all kings on the earth. 

2.  The space (sky) which is densely filled by the dark black clouds; 
the huge dark oceans; the moon and the sun; the earth; the mountains; 
were all created from His nAbhi kamalam (the Lotus from His navel) 
i.e. BrahmA. Such Lord KaNNan is here at ParamEswara ViNNagaram, 
which is surrounded by tall ramparts, beautiful ponds, and where the 
great King pallavan paid his obeisance to PerumAL and also conquered 
the PaaNdya king in the battle. 

3. The Lord who reclines on ThiruvananthAzhwAn on the milk ocean; the 
One whose form is exquisitely Beautiful and Divine; who grants the 
desires of all His devotees; whose nature is so pure like the 
ChinthAmaNi; His place is this ParamEswara viNNagaram, which was 
ruled by the great devotee Pallava king who has the sharp spear in 
his hand that tastes the flesh of his enemies at its tip.

4. the Universe- the eight directions, the earth, the noisy, wavy 
oceans, the space, the fire, the air, were all simply eaten by Him 
(during Cosmic cycle end- mahApraLayam); He is my Kula nAthan and His 
place is this beautiful ParamEswara viNNagaram, which is surrounded 
by large halls, and was ruled once by the great king Pallavan, who 
had chased his enemies away in the battle fields. (AzhwAr himself was 
the king before; that could be the reason for his great admiration of 
this devotee-cum-king Pallavan!)

5. The long, big trunk, and the stout strong legs - GajEndra elephant 
had. His sorrows and suffering was removed by Emperumaan, who also 
had simply dived into the pond and scared the poisonous huge Kaaliyan 
snake there! His place is this ParamEswara viNNagaram, where the king 
Pallavan conquered with victorius great voice the PaaNdya king (whose 
kingdom had full of dense beuatiful gardens, tall big mountain like 

6. The great helful Lord- upakaarakan- feroiciosly tore the chest of 
hiraNyan with His sharp nails, by appearing as Narasngha PerumAL. His 
place where He willingly shows Hislef gracefully is this ParamEswara 
viNNagaram, at Kanchi, which was ruled by the great king Pallava 
king, who had the sharp spear in his hand and had the poisonous snake 
in his flag to mark his victory over his enemies.

7. The Lord who appeared as little Brahmachari Vaamanan and measured 
the whole Universe and obtained from mahAbhali (who had the shining 
kireetam on his head). Such Greatest Lord's place is this Parameswara 
viNNagaram which was ruled by the One who simply was fearsome to the 
PaaNdya king of Karuvoor, surrounded by tall ramparts).

8.  My KulanAthan- Emperumaan- Sri Ramachandran - the One who ruled 
in the most virtulus manner (DharmO virahavaan!)built a bridge on the 
Ocean with the mountain rocks and had the army of monkeys. His place 
is this ParamEswara viNNagaram, at Kacchi. This sthalam / place was 
ruled and was paid obeisance by the devoted King Pallavan, who had 
sharp spear in his hand.

9. That day, for the beautiful crescent moon like foreheaded 
Nappinnai piraaTTi, KaNNan, conquered the vociferous thunderous 
voiced, strong seven oxen, effortlessly and killed them. Such 
greatest Lord stays here at 
ParamEswara viNNagaram, at Kacchi, which is surrounded by beautiful 
cool ponds of waters. The king Pallavan, who kills the enemy kings 
(who have the sharp blood stained sword in their hands), and who pays 
his obeisance to the Lord of this sthalam- Sri VaikuNta nAthan. 

10. This sthalam of ParamEswara viNNagarm, (which is ruled by the 
devoted Pallava king, who paid his obeisance to the Lord Sri VaikuNta 
nAthan of this sthalam) was described in this ten. Those who read 
these ten pAsurams that narrate Lord of the most auspicious 
attributes and of the Most Beautiful form, (with the understanding of 
their meanings) will obtain the grace (kattaksham) of Periya PiraaTTi 
- MahAlakshmi and rule the earth as great kings.

Thiruma~ngaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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