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Self Introduction and Questions.

From: apraman (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1999 - 00:16:40 PDT

Respected Bhagawathas,
AdiYen Asoory Parthasarathy Ramanujam ,  feel very happy to have joined
this list.Actually i was in search of some group where my doubts about
self,relationship between jeeva and paramatma and the like can be
At present I am working in HCL Technologies ,Chennai.
Sishya parampara under  Sholingur Dhoddachariar.

Needs Clrification in these
     Dear Kalale,
                       In Ur Reply to Mr.Suresh's Questions about
Bhagavadgeetha and kainkaryam. You have referred the sentence "suhridam
sarva bhutanam jnantva mam santim ricchati" - states "an aspirant
attains peace after knowing the friend of all - Lord Krishna". But
Krishna in Geetha has said(Pardon me I do not remember the chapter and
that only one in millions aspire for sidhi. Of them only one in million
attains sidhi and of them only one in million knowns krishna. If that is
the case, being the greatest sinner how can i ever understand him. All
our Acharyas and other Purushas who tasted and enjoyed Krishna are
Avatars of Permul's Various Angams ans so they cannot be classified just
under jeeva .
What is  part of Jeeva then in reaching Krishna ? Since everything rests
with Krishna(either to bless us with devotion or to throw us in unending
Samsara) what should we do?

Pardon me if i had written anything  worng