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[Fwd: About Bhagavadgeetha and kainkaryam.]

Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 05:49:47 PDT

attached mail follows:

sri Raamanuja tiruvadigale sarnam

  Respected members,
                                          I have two questions which i
would like to share with all of you,

   1. According to Ramanuja's Gita bhashya, an aspirant of moksha has to
realise his own self or have an experience
        of atmaavalokana through the process of either karma yoga or
jnana yoga before  he  starts bhakti yoga in the
        real sense .
                             Now my question is, " What is it that
factor that  shifts the attention of an aspirant
            having the experience of his own pure self towards God or
Isvara, so that he starts bhakti yoga
        leading to para bhakti and so on, since the jnana, aananda(joy)
inherent in the self might  itself
         satisfy the self which has realised itself ".

   2.   At many places in books related to Visistaadvaitha, i have come
across sentences like " The real nature
         of the jivatman is to do kainkaryam to Narayana" and "The jiva
exists solely for the pleasure of the Lord".
            Now what exactly do the two statements mean, taking the
ontological definitions of jiva and isvara in
         Visistaadvaita vedanta into consideration.
                                  Thanking you.

      with regards