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Sri Ramanujar Home Page

From: Achutha Raman (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1999 - 00:49:11 PDT

Dear Bhakthi group members,

   First let me introduce myself (though i am a  member for the past
year, i never had a chance to introduce myself!, let me take this
chance -(:) 
Adiyen Makaral Kidambi Achutharama dasan, working for Sun
Singapore. I feel very happy today in introducing myself to the
Bhakthi group

   Coming to the subject;  On this special day of our 'udayavar'
thirunakshatram, i like to inform you that Sri Ramanuja Home page is
on the web. The URL is

   Please help us to improve this page by providing your free
We should thank Sri. V. MadhavaKkannan, Sri. U.Ve. Anbil Ramaswamy, 
and Sri. V.Sadagopan for their major contributions in making this page
informative and useful. 

   Sri Ramanujar ThiruvadikaLe Saranam !  
   Sri Vedanta Desikar ThiruvadikaLe saranam !

Achutharama dasan.

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