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Last dip in the lovely pond of Ramanuja's glory!

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 22:04:47 PDT


Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Today is the Thirunakshathram of Sri Ramanujacharya. Let us enjoy having the
last immersion
into the greatness of Sri Ramanuja sipping the nectar of Amudhanaar's

23. "Apath rakshakan" - That's how Sri Ramanuja is considered as, by the
 and are kept very safely with all precautions in the core of their hearts
at all times during
day and night, as a treasure lovingly. About such Sri Ramanuja, I, the lowly
self, the one
 who is addressed as "the worst sinner, the likes of whom can not be found
in anyone else", 
have attempted to praise at all times days and nights, with a pretension of
sincerity (though
not in the mind!) (I have an apprehension that) will it do any harm to His
greatest glories?
 (What a humility!)

24. For ages, time immemorial, for so many births, I had been suffering from
afflictions and karmic diseases, grieving terribly with sorrows and pains
right from the 
foetus stage unto the death bed (in every birth), with tremendous karma
bhandhams, that
engulf the AthmA like flies sitting on the honey ; that never satisfy or get
saturated in spite
of (bad) experiences; that never ever get purified even when washed umpteen
times. Having
seen and realised the great dayA and grace of Emperumaanar, AudhAryam of Sri
(who had simply inert the other religions that were talking against Vedic
truths with false notions,
 like that of a lamp killing the small insects) on me, I have become pure
and been saved.

25. Oh most merciful Sri Ramanuja! The One who does not the see the level or
status of recipient 
of your mercy and showers it on him like the rainy clouds raining on all
areas! The Ocean of compassion!
I, the storehouse of all kinds of sorrows, too was considered as an object
of worthiness by You 
and was saved by DevarIr. Hence, thoughts of your kalyANA guNAs bring a
great blissful Anandham
for the soul. In this vast world, surrounded by oceans, who is capable of
knowing your auspicious
qualities as they are fully! (None; the qualities are so great and
unbounded, unlimited!)

"KaarEy kaRuNai Raamanuja! ivvulagil yaarE aRivaar nin aruLin thanmai?"

It is our Bhagyam for being born in Sri Ramanuja Sampradayam. What the Lord
Sri RanganAthan
could not achieve, Sri ramanuja could achieve. He took so many avtaars! He
asked 12 AzhwArs to
go down to earth. They just cried with nAyikA Bhavam and daasya Bhavam with
Parama Bhakti. 
They were more interested in writing. their enjoyment than reforming and
correcting us! 
(Not that I love them less, but that I love YathirAjar more!)

Then the Lord thought we need someone who really works. I can not go again!
It will be 
yet another attempt! He asked AdhisEshan who was ever ready
to perform kaimkaryam to the Lord! Also, He wanted AdhsEshan to be do a hero
He was an obedient LakshmaNan and a subdued Balaraman! Sri Ramanuja, the
avtaar appeared and took the world by storm with His firm establishment of
Sri Ramanuja
Siddhaantham, completely in line with Vyasar, Bhodhayanar's works.
Completely in tandem
with Vedic truths, not an iota of conflicts/contradictions; not a semblance
ambiguities or confusions. Assertive; Authoritative; Great!

Sri RanganAtha thought "why this person (Sri Ramanuja) is doing theertha
kaimkaryam at Kanchi?"
There are many who can do that. But he needs to act fast for establishing
the VisishtAdvaitham- 
The Vedic doctrines; the Prapatthi maargam! If he stays with his parents
(Varadan and PerundhEvi), 
he will not come up! Bring him  to Sri Rangam!  That's where everyone has
started acting spiritually!!
AzhwArs, Alavandhaar, Vedantha Desika, Pillai lOkacharya, Manavala maamuni,
everyone in Srivaishnavam
 were (and are) more active only at SriRangam!

Though I have NO capabilities nor qualifications, to write on the greatness
of YathirAjar, 
I gain a lot by jotting down these ramble(dips); and He does not lose any;

This series of ten dips in the glory of Bhasyakaarar, are reverent submittal
at the feet of Sri
Vaishnava Bhagawathas of this great list! (Please forgive me for any

Sri Ramanujar thiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Swami Desikan ThiruvadigalE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan