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RE: Bhagavadgita Tapes

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sat Apr 17 1999 - 22:34:53 PDT

If anyone wanted tapes,  please note that I lost all my last weeks incoming 
email.  Please resend your requests if you had sent it during this time.


krishna kalale

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From:	Krishna Kalale []
Sent:	Sunday, April 11, 1999 5:42 PM
Subject:	Bhagavadgita Tapes

Dear devotees,

Several people requested me to send them tapes of bhagavadgita.  Taping and 
mailing process is very laborious and time consuming. However, we have
found an inexpensive and efficient method of distributing such tapes.  This 
will not be efficient if left to individuals like us since, we have so many 
things on our mind.
These tapes will be copied and distributed by sending them to professional
tape copying service. :

for each tape it is :  4$ (which includes  - cost of tapes + cost of

The cost of shipping will be additional :  5-8$ for up to 20 tapes and
varies depending on the number of tapes ordered.

If you are REALLY INTERESTED, you can copy the tapes from someone who
orders and share the costs or find couple of people to share the costs with 
you. If you order through this conference service, you will get a
professional copy which you can keep.

We have hitherto 14 tapes which cover in ENGLISH with explanations aimed at 
teenagers, youths and elders of today :

Introduction to Bhagavadgita
explanation of SriRamanuja Bhasya - chapters 1-7
comparitive views of Acharyas (Sri Shankara, Sri Madhva & Sri Ramanuja), an
analysis by Sri Uttamoor Viraraghavacharya
(this analysis is restricted to first 6 chapters)

We are sending the orders by 18th of april 1999 to the conference copying
service.  If you are interested please send me an email with details of
your order by april 18th .  Please include :

Your name and address
telephone number
tape numbers needed (1 thru 14)

Please note that on the april 18th there will be a live class on chapter 7
of Bhagavadgita on the teleconference.


Krishna Kalale

(Please note that this method can be extended to our acharyas' tapes as