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Fourth dip in the enjoyment of Emperumaanaar!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 05:06:01 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers, 

Let us immerse ourselves yet again today and enjoy the glory of YathirAjA. Today, I have (with the permission of our dear Sri Sadagopan) made use of Sri Sadagopan’s rich translation of Sri Manavala maamuni’s YathirAja Vimsathy.

It is an excellent twenty verses on YathirAjA, more emotional and anubhavam laden, while Swami Desikan’s YathirAja Sapthathi (74 verses – equal to 74 simhasanaadhipathis) (which Swami had composed as per the request from Other Srivaishnavas, when they saw Swami enjoying Sri Ramanuja!). Swami’s YathirAja Sapthathi is a beaiutiful narration of the GREATNESS OF YATHIRAJAR, HIS PHILOSOPHY, HIS SRI BHASYAM, ETC… Each verse is a poetic marvel. After all, jihvaagra simhaasanam abhupEyaah: (Sri Hayagreevan is on Swami’s tongue!)

Let us enjoy Manavala maamuni’s emotions today! (We will see Sapthathi tomorrow!)

(Thanks Sri Sadagopan SwAmin!) (What a naichyAnusanthaanam by Sri Manavaala maanuni throughout these verses! One should read Sri V Sadagopan’s translation for further enjoyment)

 Slokam 17 :
Sruthyagra Vedhya nija divya GuNasvarupa: 
prathyakshataam upagatha: iha RangarAja : I
Vasya: sadhA bhavathi tEh YathirAja tasmAth 
saktha: svakeeya jana paapa vimochanE tvam II

This slokam is set as a response of MaamunigaL to 
Sri RaamAnujA's protestation on the inappropriateness 
of the former in pressing him (RamanujA ) for banishing 
the sins . RaamAnujA seems to point out that  it is the Lord of 
Srirangam and not him , who can confer the boons requested
by MaamunigaL  . Latter reminds RaamAnujA that it is a well
known fact that Sri RanganAtha is under the influence of 
RaamAnujA and hence it is appropriate for him(Maamuni)
 to knock on RamAnujA's door for mercy . 

(meaning ) : O YathirAjA ! Sri RanganAthA is presenting Himself 
at Srirangam for all to enjoy Him . He has the auspicious 
attributes (KalyANa GuNAs ) that can only be understood 
through the declarations of the VedAs . That RanganthA 
of matchless power and glory is also under your control . Therefore ,
O Acharya Saarvabhouma ! You are indeed capable of removing
my miseries . 

After all, it is YathirAjar who lifted the Lord out of danger! Is it true! YES! I shall explain tomorrow! 

Sri ManavaaLa maamunigal ThiruvadiigaLE SaraNam

YathirAjar ThiruvadigalE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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