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Periya Thirumozhi 2.8- His looks are torturing me!

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Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 02:12:32 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In 2.8 of periya Thirumozhi, AzhwAr (Parakala Nayaki) explains the great ecstasy of hers, about the Lord of Ashtabhuyakaram. AshtabhujAshtaka PerumAL. (Thiruvattabuyakaram). She narrates to her mother and the friend as to who this Lord is and how is He.  

1. Sivan who burnt the thripuram, Brahman who was born from Lotus flower, were all awe struck with excitement and fear and the all- everyone in all three worlds fell at the feet, when the Huge Lord Narasingan with ferocious beauty and thunderous roars, with tremendous wrath on His face, tore the chest of hiraNyan's chest with His sharp, vociferous loud noises from His large mouth showing the white teeth, shaking the mane. When He appeared so, I asked Him "Who are You?". he said "I am Thiruattabhuyakaratthaan". (The Lord of Attabhuyakaram) (This Lord has got eight Hands and Swami Desikan has sung eight verses on this PerumAL, called "AshtabhujAshtakam". It is told that those who need IMMEDIATE GRACE from the Lord, they can pay obeisance to this Lord He will appear in His Hands and save them)

2. The One, to whom Brahma and other devas come to Him and recite Vedas and pay obeisance; who has got the Divine ThirumEni so graceful and beautiful as that of Valorous Lord Rama, who stand so majestically and gracefully like the Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, the One who stands as a Brahmin bachelor (Brahmachari) boy, when He asked for three measures of earth from mahAbhali, when mahAbhali performed yaagham, and measured the whole Universe is Vaamanan. I asked Him as to who He is, standing as  a small bramachari boy. He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan".

3. The One who has in His Right Hands, the arrows, the Bow, the Swaord, the Conch, and the ChakrA, Discuss (kEdayam), the Flowers etc in His Left Hands, (4 left and 4 right), and appeared in such Graceful form; the One who broke the strong tusk of the kuvalayaapetam elephant angrily as KaNNan and who looks like the rain laden dark huge clouds. I asked Him, "Who are You standing in such most Graceful form?". He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan".

4. Is this Lord KaNNan, who simply and effortlessly lifted with His little finger the huge mountain of Govardhanam, and stopped the torrential rains devastating the cattle? I don't know His such wonderful action that He performed. He looks like the Most Brightest Lord of Paramapadham, who stays at Sri vaikuntam permanently at all times. He has the ChakrA and the Conch in His Hands; I asked Him who are You? He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan".

5. The One who blessed us gracefully and mercifully the Veda saasthrAs, the Ithihaasaas, the Kalpa soothrAs, the Meemaamsam, the vyAkharaNam, et al and the worlds attained by those who learn and follow the above works; - the One who has Strongest shoulders like mEru mountains, who has Sri Kausthubham and PeriyA PiraaTTI (seated on Lotus flower) on His Chest, whose colour is like the dark blue ocean, who is the sEshi (Master) for EVERYONE and EVRYTHING- I asked Him "Who are You?". He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan"

6. (AzhwAr switches to "her" languishing) Even when trying to comprehend His deeds, I am not able to. This poor lady's ornaments, the bangles, her mind, her "nANam" (feminine shyness) have all been snatched by Him as if they belong to Him. The wavy, noisy, dark Ocean, the green leaves, the tree, the kayaampoo, the karuneydhal flower ( a kind of dark blue flower) in addition to all of them, the group of dark black clouds, - He is the conglomeration of all these colours. I asked Him, "So graceful and beautiful- Who are You in such Divine Beauty?" He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan"

7. The way His Thirutthuzhaay maalai (garland of thuLasi) dripping Honey, and bees drinking the honey and humming there, adorns His Chest, the grace and gorgeous Beauty of His ThirumEni, the decoration on the Chest with fragrant sandal paste on His large Chest, - How can I explain His Beauty! Those lovely large dark eyes which are like the Lotus flowers that have been painted by the artists; That broad chest, so bright and lustrous; those strong hug shoulders, that curvy bimbha fruit like mouth- "Who are You so Beautiful and gorgeous - so Divinely graceful?". He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan"

8. He is praised and worshipped by Nithyasooris at all times in all directions, reciting Veda manthras. The Periya PiraaTTi- mahAmalskhmi, born out of ThiruppaaRkadal is His Queen; The Divine Conch is in His left. The ChakrA is in His right. When trying to compare His colour, it looks like the karuneydhal flower, or like the dark blue ocean; His those two eyes, and His Form- One can SIMPLY NOT measure the Beauty of Them. They are so BEAUTIFUL. He is more than my "uyir"(life) even; Such Greatest Exquisite Beauty! Who is He? He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan"

9. My bangles - it appears belong to Him only and are simply falling off; Coming to think of it further, even my heart appears to be His. This narrow creeper like waist gets weaker and weaker when He comes near and nearer to whisper something in my ears opening His red coral mouth. What He told me as a secret (rahasyam) is Parama rahasyam. The way He looks at me is even more torturing to me. It simply torments me and leaves me longing for Him more. His looks are killing. I am scared.  I don't know who is He. When I asked Him "who are You?". He said "I am Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan" (What a narration by Parakala Nayaki!)

10. This pAsuram is about Thiruvattabhuyakaratthaan, who is sarva kaaraNan, who shows Himself so gracefully at Attabhuyakaram, in Kanchi; He is worshipped by VayiramEgan- the King of thoNdai state; He is SarvEshawarn; This pAsuram is composed by Kaliyan- ThirumangaiAzhwAr. Those who recite them will have their permanent residence (equal to) Paramapadham. 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan  

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