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"Alaghia Manavala Mamunighal - Part 3"

From: B. Narasimhan (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 21:55:32 PDT

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namah
Sri Mathe BAla Dhanvhi Maha Guruvae Namah

Alaghia Manavala Mamunighal - Part 3
(article from Sri Panchajanya by Dr. V. V. Ramanujam)

Many celebrated Acharyas of the day, descendents of the original
seventy four apostles appointed by Ramanuja for the propagation
of Vaishnavism became disciples of VaraVaramuni. One of the
earliest was Vaanamamalai Ramanuja Jeeyar. Amoung others mention
should be made of Kanthadai Annan and his group - descendants of
Dasarathi(Mudhaliandan - a nephew of Ramanujar), and Prathivathi
Bhayankaram Anna, a scion of the Mudumbai family to which Sri
Lokacharya himself belonged. Another important disciple was
Erumbi Appa. Prativadi Bhayankaram Anna and Erubi Appa have
composed a number of poems in praise of their master and these
are of high literary as well as educative value. A group of poems
in praise of Lord Venkateshwara known as Suprabatham was composed
by Prathivadhi Bhayamkaram Anna at the behest of his guru and
these are chanted everyday in the holy Hill temple of Tirupathi
quite early in the morning. Any one who had heard them cannot but
be enchanted by the sonorous verses and by the devotion which
reverberated in them. Two verses from these are of interest in
this article.
The Lord is ever happy in being in the hearts of devotees; more
so in that of selfless seer like Varavaramuni

"Srimath SudaraJamanuthruMuni maanasa vaasinae
Sarva Loka nivasaya Srinivaasaya mangalam"

(Let all Mnagalam- auspiciousness be with Srinivasa the pervader
of all the worlds whose cheif abode is the heart is the heart of
Srimath Sowmya JAmathru Muni)

When we chant

"Sowmyo payanthu muni nama mathashitoutae
Sri Venkatasa charanau charanam prabadyae"

( I take refuge in the holy feet of Sri Venkateswara revealed to
me through the grace of Sowmya Jamathru Muni), we establish
spiritual kinship with the Acharya and with Sri Venkateswara who
is ever happy in this Acharya's heart and in bound to shower His
grace on us, because of our relationship to him. )

<End of Article - 3>

Elavilli Bhasyam Narasimhan
Aravinda Lochana Ramauja dasan