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A dance drama on "Arpudha Ramanujar"

From: B. Narasimhan (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 21:27:44 PDT

Dear devotees

We would like to share a write up given to me by Shri
Govindarajan about the conduct of dance drama titled "Arpudha
Ramanujar" depicting various incidents in the life of Bhagavath

This drama was conducted by "Nirthyopasana" a dance academy
following gurukula system, on 11th April 1999  on the eve of its
10th anniversary.  The highlight of the programme included a
dance drama titled 'Bajare Gopalam' depicting the child-hood  to
youth life  of Lord Sri Krishna, followed by a dance drama  under
the caption 'Arputha Ramanujar'.   The entire life of Sri
Ramanujar  was presented by the Nirthyopasana troupe excellently.
Each and every scene of this dance drama  received applause from
the audience.   Sri Venu Rajanarayanan of Vaishnava Maha Sangam
presided over the function and appreciated  the eye-catching

 Mrs Hema Rajan, founder of Nirthyopasana and organiser of the
dance drama had already presented such programmes  like  ' Alwar
Kanda Kannan',  'Mathru Devo Bhava'  .  She  has conducted
classes on yoga  and  its relevance to dances  at US  and Japan.
She is proceeding tothe US  by 14th April and will be available
on phone :
Dr  Rajan Srikanth     510 658 9146
Rajan Srivatsan         513 474 2337

Elayavilli Bhashyam Narasimhan