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Third Dip in the enjoyment of YathirAjA

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 04:33:37 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

We are so excited; The water is warm. The dips/immersion and the pleasures arising out of them are blissful. Let us continue to do so. 
Today it is Thiruvarangatthu amudhanaar's nooRRandhaadhi that comes to our enjoyment. 

A lovely pAsuram is 70th in his Ramanuja NooRRandhaadhi, wherein he gets into ecstasy at the unbounded limitless dayA of Ramanuja! You will see that it is more appropriate for us; and not Amudhanaar! (Read the Tamil words for its sweetness!)

ennaiyum paarththu en iyalvaiyum paarththu,eNNil palkuNaththa
unnaiyum paarkkil aruLcheyva thEn^alam anRiyenpaal
pinnaiyum paarkkil nalamuLa thE?un perungaruNai
thannaiyen paarppar iraamaa Nnucha!unnaich chaarnthavarE? 70.

Oh EmperumaanaarE! Sri RamanujA! For time immemorial, I, the lowly self, had been immersing myself in sensual pleasures and carnal desires; After you have accepted me, I, who was intertwined with all my karma vaasanaas, bondage, was blessed with Your graceful kataaksham. You saw me and You saw my lowly nature too. You have still gracefully considered me as a worthy object for redemption. Is there anything I repeat- any thing good in me for you to take that as a cue for Your mercy? And still You have showered your dayA on me? What a dayA! Is there any benefit for you in Your mercy on me?
(None) and still You have blessed m with Your grace. What a grace! If you look only for some thing good for one to surrender at Your Feet, who is qualified to do so? None. (Not at least me). And still you have enabled me to surrender to You. How and what can one see Your such limitless, unbounded grace? (an excellent pAsuram! This only is my capacity to translate! )

Next one is 75th. Here Amudhanaar, who is called Thiruvarangatthu
amudhanaar, the One who hails from Srirangam, where the Majestic Lord (the #1 Lord of ALL DIVYA DESAMS, Where all Other Divya Desa perumALs pay their visit to the Lord  #1) Sri RanganAthar is having His Yoga NithrA on the AdhisEshan, declares that "Even if RanganAthan comes in front of me, and says "We will never leave you", still, only Your GuNAs alone will continue to captivate me". Read and enjoy.  

cheyththalaich changam chezumuththam eenum thiruvarangar
kaiththalath thaaziyum changamu mEnthi,naNG kaNmukappE
meyththalaith thunnai vitEnen Rirukkilum ninpugazE
moyththalaik kumvanthu iraamaa Nnucha!ennai muRRunNinRE. 75

Even if ThiruvaranganAthan - Lord Sri RanganAtha of Srirangam, appears in front of me, shows Himself His full beauty with all Divya Ayudhams in His resplendent Hands, and vows " I shall never ever leave you", Oh Sri RamanujA! Even then, the greatness of Your kalyANA guNAs surround me, pull me and engulf me and I am caught immersing myself in them and praising them only.

How's that?

Great AchAryA! 

Sri Ramanujar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Amudhanaar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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