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Re: Swami Desikan's Paadukaasahasram and Sri Ramanujar's Gadyatryam recordings by H.H. Srirangam Srimadh Andavan

From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1999 - 10:27:12 PDT

Dear svAmin,

I hardly have the adhikaram to even appreciate the service that you have
been performing to the e-bhaktas as well as to the larger Srivaishnava
community of the New York area. Regardless, I am sure you'll rejoice to
hear the following as will many bhakta's: 

The world of desikabhakta's has indeed been well-served by the Tirumala
Tirupati Devastanam at long last. I refer to a musical rendition of the
pAdukasahasram , ALL 1008 verses of it. This effort has been blessed by
His Holiness Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Desikan himself. 

It is my pleasure to share the good news with the bhaktas that all 1008
verses of the pAdukAsahasram has been rendered by Smt Radha Padmanabhan,
the sahadharmini of Sriman C.V. Padmanabhan, a senior official of the
Income Tax Department, presently at Hyderabad. I understand that Mrs.
Padmanabhan come of distiguished Srivaishnava lineage of Kumbakonam, being
great granddaughter of a former maTadhipati of the Sri Ahobila maTam. 

The 1008 verses have been set to music by Smt Radha Padmanabhan herself
and exquisitely recorded in a set of 10 beautifully produced cassettes. In
addition, it has the text of the Padukasahasram in a well- produced book.
The whole set has been beautifully packaged with a picture of the vimanam
of the Tirumala temple on the cover. The color scheme of the whole package
is most harmonious with green as the background motif, "Ramar pacchai" as
it were, with the gold of the Ananda Nilaya suggesting the fairer
complexion of His brothers.  As a bonus one also gets musical renditions
of certain Desika kriti's such as sudarsanashtakam etc.. 

This rendering, in the most mellifluous voice of Smt Padmanabhan,  cannot
but make this crown jewel of the Prapannas( for which none other than the
most distinguished advaiti's of the middle ages viz., Sri Appayya Diksita
himself wrote a commentary)  come alive for even the humblest of bhakta's.

Warm Regards.

--- Sadagopan  wrote:
> Dear BhakthAs : This welcome announcement would 
> be of interst to many of you . For those , who want to
> practise to learn these Sri Sookthis of Swami Desikan 
> with the right pronunciation and stops , these tapes will 
> be invaluabale .THEY COME FROM THE LIPS OF 
> I had the good fortune to study PaadhukhA 
> sahasram and the three Gadhyams earlier .
> It will be a bhAgyam now to listen to Sri Ranga 
> RaamAnuja MahA Desikan recite Swami Desikan's 
> marvellous and holy Sri Sookthi and invite those
> auspicious Naadham into our houses . I have placed my 
> request for purchase of the casettes with Sri R.Srinivasan
> has kindly agreed to send the tapes and CDs for those who
> wish to purchase them through his son , who is now in India 
> and will be returning to Dallas on April 19.
> I recommend these rare tapes to you for your
> private collections and nithya anusandhAnams .
> Nothing but MangaLam can come our way  , when 
> we hear these PaadhukhA sahasra slOkams
> full of Maanthric power .Please write directly 
> to Sri R.Srinivasan to get your copies . 
> Today is Pangnui kEttai and the day of 
> Hanumantha Vaahana Sevai at Oppiliappan Koil 
> ( panguni Uthsavam ) . On this day , I had
> the BhAgyam of being born under the shadow of 
> Sri Oppiliappan's Thiruvadi carried by the Chinna 
> Thiruvadi ;I take the pledge today to write on two most 
> important granthams dear to Sri VaishNavAs before the
> arrival of another birthday .Those are :
> (1)Prapanna PaarijAtham of NadAdhUr AmmAL,
>    the prAchAryA of Swami Sri Desikan to
>    understand better the SaraNAgathi Saasthram
>    with all its PramANams . Abhinava Desikan ,
>    Sri UtthamUr Swami has commented on it 
>    in Tamil , English and Hindi earlier .
>    adiyEn will try to share with you additional
>    details and connect it to the Vedic roots
>    of SaraNAgathi .AdiyEn will release those postings
>    in SaraNAgathi journal.   
> (2)Sri Ranganaatha paadhukhA sahasra sthOthram
>    of our own Swami Sri Desikan : I am glad 
>    that Dr.V.N.vedantha Desikan's book on
>    this sthOthram has been released by LIFCO.
>    I will record in future articles the paddhathis
>    that I have not covered so far in greater depth
>    following the brilliant commentaries of 
>    the Srirangam ANDavan sanyAsa Paramparai and 
>    Param padha Vaasi Abhinava Desika Sri UttamUr Swamy .
>    Sri RanganAtha Paadhukhai is the most important
>    object of worship for Srirangam ANDavan paramparai.
>    Let us reflect on SatakOpa Muni, who is 
>    the RanganAtha Paadhukai . 
> If the AchAryAs and Sri Lakshmi HayagrIvan bless me 
> to complete this kaimkaryam and bring the following 
> kaimkarya ThEr to nilai in partnership with fellow bhakthAs , 
> then I would feel like a krutha krithyan 
> (Janma Saapalyam )and feel blessed by this
> Sri VaishNava sathsangam :
> (1) AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM ( in Beta test stage now)
> (2) 108 Divya Desam Web pages and CD ROM 
> (3) Swami Desikan Life and works : CD ROM
> DaasOham , V.Sadagopan  
> *********************************
> >H.H Srirangam Srimadh Andavan Sri Ranga Ramanuja
> >Mahadesikan has recorded Paadukaasahasram in 5
> >Cassettess or CD's. The recordings include Sri
> >Ramanujar's Gadyatryam and all the 1008
> >Paadukaasahasram slokas. The set will be accompanied
> >by a book of Paadukaasahasram in Sanskrit text. Tamil
> >text book can provided at an extra cost of $1.
> >
> >Cassettes and CD's are now on sale.
> >
> >5 Cassette set : US$25 + Shipping
> >5 CD set       : US$50 + Shipping
> >
> >This set will be a precious possession in your house
> >and will be useful for daily recitations. Purchasing
> >this set you will also be helping to generate some
> >funds for the ashramam. Please inform this information
> >to your friends. Please respond to this E-Mail if you
> >are interested in purchasing the recordings.
> >
> >Dasan
> >R. Srinivasan
> >Trustee, Srirangam Srimadh Andavan Ashramam
> >
> >_________________________________________________________

Lakshmi Srinivas

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