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Thithi, Nakshatra as per New York Time

From: T R Govindarajan (
Date: Sun Apr 11 1999 - 16:15:43 PDT

A few weeks ago, there was a query about following observing Thithi,
Nakshtra in the U.S.

I came across a calendar published by The Hindu Temple Society of North America,
47-57 Browne St, Flushing, New York 11355, Phone:718-460-8484.

It was claimed under "An Appeal" that this 1999 Annual calendar has been 
specially prepared with calculations as per East standard (New York) Time.

It was written under "About the Calendar" that

Tithi, Nakshatra  etc. end at the same moment in all parts of the world. For
example, Amavasya ended at 7.44 AM (IST) on November 30, 1997 at which instant,
it was 9.14 PM (EST) on November 29, 1997.

Vrata Kala is determined based on the moments of Sunrise and sunset in New York

Commencements days of solar month is observed on the same day if sun enters the 
rasi during  the day time or the following day if sun enters the rasi during
night time. For example, sun entered mesha at 10.50 PM (IST) on April 13,
1997 at which instant it was 12.20 PM (EST) on April 13, 1997. Since sun
entered mesha during the day (EST) on April 13, 1997, Tamil New Year day was
observed in the USA on that day although it was observed the following day in

Our sincere thanks to
Prof. L.V.S. Mani, Managing Editor, Sri. Jagadguru Sri. Kanchi Acharyal Mutt's
"Bharat Ganita - Panchangam " for his time and effort in preparing the material.

In this Calendar, it was printed that both Sankara Jayanthi and
Sri. Ramanuja Jayanthi fall on April 20, 1999.   

Other pointers from the calendar:

Sri. Rama Navami	- March 25, 1999.

Panguni Uttram          - March 30, 1999.

Ekadesi ends tomorrow at 11:05 A.M. For tomorrow,
Rahu: 8:12 - 9:49
Yama: 11:27 - 1:05
Guli: 2:42 - 4.:0

Tamil New Year Day - April 14, 1999.
Rg Upakarma - August 25, 1999
Yajur Upakarma - August 26, 1999
Gayathri Japam - August 27, 1999.
Janmashtami - September 2,  1999.
Sri. Krishna Jayanthi - September 3, 1999.
Sama Upakarma - September 11, 1999.
Deepavali - November 6, 1999.
Dhanur Masa begins - December 16, 1999.
Sri. Vaikunta Ekadesi - December 18, 1999.