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FW: Resolutions passed at Sri Vaishnava conference held on 4 Apr 1999

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Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 23:33:32 PDT

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> Subject:	Resolutions passed at Sri Vaishnava conference held on 4 Apr
> 1999
> Dear devotees, 
> We had posted about the happening of the grand Sri Vaishnava conference
> Monday. As a follow up, we post the resolutions passed at the conference.
> Any suggestions to the organizers could be posted at
> or at
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> 1)  This Conference  appeals toallvainava sabhas,mandrams, peravais,
> associations, bhajanai koshtis to  function   unitedly   in an integrated
> way.
> 2) Sponsors/Upayadharas of  temple festivals   at divya desam enumerated
> and
> after selection, they  be  considered for appointment  as trustees  of the
> concerned temples.
> 3) This conference  also appeals to unite the vaishnavas of  various
> jeeyar
> mutts,  sabhas and bhajana koodams under a single umberalla. This
> conference
> requests jeeyar  swamis  to advise  those  vaishnavas  who  take
> panchasamskaram under them, to join  as members  of this  Organisation.
> 4) Wearing of vainava insignia ( Thiruman & Srichurnam)   by all sri
> vaishnavas, ingeneral   and especially  of all members of sabhas, is to be
> compulsorily followed. Even if this is not immediately followed, it should
> be put into practice gradually in course  of time.
> 5) Apart from arranging weekly congregations  in temples, atleast once a
> week, members should  meet and pray in  sabhas followed by  religious
> discourses and recital of bhajans.
> 6) Our sabhas should  take earnest efforts  to impart and  imbibe  to our
> youngsters, religious thoughts, formulating an action plan  depending upon
> the respective circles.
> 7) If  various sabhas in different places  wish and act  in consulation
> with
> Central Organisation at Chennai, this  conference feels, it will go a long
> away  for getting redressal  ofourissues by arguing unitedly,  and if need
> be  fighting it out to get our rights   from the Government   taking up
> issues in  a consolidated manner.
> 8) This conference  adopts that  those sabhas functioning in a large scale
> in the Districts  of Tamilnadu   should  start as a first step,  for
> enumeration of small/nucleaus  sabhas  in each village, hamlets, places
> where   Thirukulothars  residing, panchayats, and towns,    in a Format
> and
> after keeping   one copy  with them, to forward  one copy to the Central
> Organisation  Sri Vainava Peravai  at Chennai,   for follow-up  etc.
> 9) This conference also adopts that after  making a good progress in the
> course of next one year,  reviewing  the activities of integration etc.,
> it
> is proposed to approach donors, jeeyar swami mutts, charitable
> institutions
> etc., for  donations  mainly to create a CORPUS FUND  and   from  out of
> the proceeds   of interest earned out of deposits of such  corpus
> donations,
> to extend  financial  assistance  for the poor and needy  sabhas, to
> extend
> financial assistance  on merits  for  the requirements of bhajanai
> koshtis
> etc.
> 10) This conference appeals  that  in each village, there   must  be at
> least one Vaishnava Sabha  to be established for propagating  Sri
> Vaishnava
> Philosophy expounded  by Sri Bhagavat  Ramanujar.
> 11) The  Sabhas  that are now functioning   in district headquarters
> patronised by experienced  elders,  should  take initiatives  to create
> links  with their neighbouring village sabhas and  be always in touch with
> them   and to  organise every year a conferencein  each district
> headquarters according  totheir capabililty   by inviting members to
> participate   and conduct deliberations  by mutual consultations.
> 12) This conference decides   that  participation of youngsters  is
> needed
> for the spread of  Sri Vaishnavism  and with a view to  attract  those
> interested youngsters, to formulate  a good  action plan, train them in
> all
> ways  and make them render service by encouragement  according to
> capacity.
> The foregoing twelve resolutions being read out  by Sri T.Bhashya Ramauja
> Dasan, Convenor of Sri Vaishnava Peravai,  were approved in toto and
> passed
> unanimously by  raising a big   hand  overwhelmingly  by  several
> thousands
> of devotees participants    at the Conference.
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> Adiyen
> B. Elayavalli Narsimhan
> Aravinda Lochana Ramanuja Dasan