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Periya Thirumozhi 2.7- What do You intend to do for my daughter?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 01:59:13 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr's desire to see the Lord keeps on increasing and here he gets into the nAyikAbhAvam. AzhwAr (Parakala nAyaki's)'s mother requests the Lord for His mercy on her darling daughter. 

1. Oh my Lord of Thiruvidaventhai! My darling daughter's love for your is intense and deep. The One, who has the most Beautiful bright, shining golden, moon like face, who is in her youthful form always, who was born from the huge (milky) ocean and who is more sweeter than the nectar (which also came out from the same ocean), who always resides in the most beautiful Chest of Yours, - Periya PiraaTTi- knowing fully well of Her existence and presence for ever with You, my daughter, still is crazy and desirous of You. This girl has got the lovely, cool, flower like darting eyes and is like a kolli mountain doll (or mannequin?- pradhimai). What is Your plan for my innocent darling daughter? Please tell me a word.

2.  This girl, whose smile is so charming like that of the seed of "maadhuLai" fruit, never even smiles in the presence of her friends. She never applies any sandal paste on her tender breasts; she does not write any collyrium (Kaajal- "mai") on her large beautiful fresh flower like eyes with the tip of the peacock feather; she does not place any fragrant flower on her long dark black hair; She keeps uttering "Oh Huge Lord! The One who measured the whole earth surrounded by the oceans!". What is Your plan, Oh Lord of Thiruvidavendhai, for this girl, who is mad, love sick and talks all these words with love for You?

3. Even though she wears the pearl necklace, applies sandal paste on her large breasts, still they all give her only more thaapam (viraham) for her she hates them. The cool, moon rays - she claims, are burning her. When the waves of the ocean make loud noises, she yells "aiyO!" (thinking of You on the milky Ocean); Her tender youthful body has now become golden colour due to all these sufferings. She looks so sweet and charming to me wearing those ornaments; What are You going to do for her, Lord of Thiruvidavendhai?

4. At nights, she laments that it is so long and each second passes off like a yugham; She says: "The Sun has disappeared; The Oceans are roaring; they don't sleep in the dark nights; the breeze at night burns my body like fire; Oh friend! Please help me" She suffers from severe languishing; She strokes her breasts with great viraha thaapam and she asks as to what she needs to overcome her suffering. What are you planning to do on this golden girl of mine, oh Lord of Thiruvidavendhai?

5. Oh lord of Thiruvidavendhai! When she talks she utters only Your name; She literally melts talking about You and thinking about Your Most Beautiful Divine Diyya ma~ngaLa ThirumEni azhagu (Body); Her love for You keeps on increasing exponentially; Her beautiful eyes have forgotten the sleep; After being blessed with this girl, what have I seen her in my life: only this suffering of hers. She is very clear about You. In front of all those people who do not like her nature (and pass comments), what is Your plan for this beautiful girl with thin waistline?

6. She does not think in line with her heritage (kulam); she is in love and always enjoys listening to the valour of the Lord who had destroyed rAvaNan of lankA surrounded by deep, vast oceans and the strong asurAs there; Again, she faints while hearing the same. What is you plan, Oh Lord of Thiruvidavendhai for my lovely girl, who has got the waist like the lighting, the broad hip and tender breasts that have become pale due to pasalai disease (pasalai disease comes to the beloved, suffering from the pangs of separation when the lover leaves her)?

7. Oh Idavendhai PiraanE! This girl, since, she always keeps thinking of You only, she smiles herself and enjoys with her own thoughts; She talks of joining You only; She does not seem to have any love for me, who had performed great penance to have her as my daughter. She talks incoherently and babbles, saying, Oh Lord of ThirumaalirunjOlai! This little young girl of mine- who has got that charming smile on her face always, who has been suffering from mental agony- what are You planning to do on her?   

8.  My girl always says "My heart melts at the lovely, divine music from the flute held by the cowherd boy KaNNan, the One who holds the plough in His Strong Hands"; She also sings in praise of only Thirupputkuzhi Sri Vijayaraghavan. She says "Let us go to TirumalA"; She looks so cute like the doll of Kolli malai. She appear like beautiful creeper; She has got a narrow waist; Her large beautiful dark eyes always shed tears rolling down the smooth cheeks, like the stream of water flow; She has got lovely slender bamboo like shoulders; Oh Lord of Thiruvidavendhai! What is Your plan for her?

9. This girl's slim shoulders are getting pale; The lovely charming eyes of hers have forgotten their sleep; Due to her great love for You, her desire for You aggravates; This girl- the personification of beauty- is suffering from an unknown disease and is thinning down; I don't know the disease. Her waist line has further narrowed down. What is going to be the end for this beautiful girl? Oh thiruvidavendhai PiraanE! What do You think for her in Your ThiruvuLLam? Please tell me.

10. The Lord, who shows Himself at Thiruvidavendhai and showers His mercy on His Bhagawathas who pay their obeisance to Him saying, "Oh Accharya bhUthanE! The One who took the forms of Hamsam (Swan), Fish (Mathsyam), Tortoise (Koormam), Lion (Narasimham), et al! Please shower Your mercy on me", is praised in this ten pAsurams by AzhwAr. He is the Chief of Thirumangai. He has sharp spear in his hand. Kaliyan is his name. Those who recite these pAsurams of his, with devotion everyday, will have all their sins and karmic diseases plucked out from their roots and live blissfully.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigalE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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