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From: Dr. S. Parthasarathy (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 22:51:30 PDT

I have added the phone number of Mrs. Varadarajan now..... partha

Smt. Smita Ajay,

Just another tip for your trip. Remember to procure a cassette of
Hayagreeva Suprabatham and stotram by Mrs. Hemambujam Varadarajan. She
has an extremely sweet voice and has rendered these very beautifully.
She lives in Cuddalore, so you may even call on her if you wish. Her
phone number is 04142 - 32589 or maybe 0413-32589 (they seem to have
changed the area code in Cuddalore). 

Or, maybe you can also drop her a card and fix up a rendez-vous: 40
Gandhinagar, Semmandalam, Cuddalore NT - 607 001.

Wish you a very happy pilgrimage.



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