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From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 07:01:45 PDT

Sri Anand Wrote:

>All other processes like nAma
>sankeertanam, recitation of divya prabandham etc
>should culminate into either of these (ofcourse, in
>the current age, only prapatti is possible).  

How is it possible to make a blanket statement on
other processes like this ? Can this be
substantiated ?

In a different thread, Sriman Sadagopan wrote:

>Thyaga Brahmam recited 15,000 Raama Naamms 
>per day and by the age 38 completed 96 crores of
>Sri Raama naama  Japam and had the Darsanam
>of Sri raamA and Sri LakshmaNA in the Yaaga-
>SamrakshaNa pose in front of his door .

Doesnt this show reciting the names of the lord gives us 
his darsanam. Is something more required than this ? An 
average devotee doing nama sankirtanam chants 
16 X 108 beads X 16 names =27,648 names of the lord.
I would tend to believe  this process keeps him
in touch with the lord the whole day than any other
means. Anything else will be more difficult than this.

If somebody cannot do this simple process regularly
where is he/her going to do nitya kaimkaryam in
Sri Vaikuntam eternally?. Practically speaking
most of us do not have enough time to complete
thier office work or education and/or attend social
functions.Theory is onething and its application
is another. Anyway adiyen just expressed his
humble opinion in a practical stand point.Any
offences may please be excused.



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