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From: K.P. Sridharan (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 13:46:54 PDT

Respected members ,

Some time ago I posed a question on the treatment of one's "sins" at the 
time of prapathi.  Thanks for the responses. 

I had also posed the question to a Vaishnavite sanyasi of Guadia 
persuation and quote below his response to my querry for members' 
information please.  Again thanks for the responses.

        "In response to your question about Prapathi, it is a fact that the
sins of the disciple are eradicated by that process. In turn, the sins are
transferred to the diksa-guru. Again, it is a fact that "he takes the sins
of his new disciple upon himself".

        You then ask "What is the implication for the aspirant?" The
implication for the aspirant is that they are obliged to no longer commit
further sins. According to Padma Purana, there are ten offenses to be
avoided when calling upon the Lord's holy name for purification. The
seventh offense listed indicates that it is offense to continue to commit
sins on the strength of the purification that one has received by calling
upon the Lord's holy name. In this particular case, for having received
the eradication of one's past sins by the process of Prapathi, one should
likewise refrain from further sins."