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Re: question on cremation

From: Praveena (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 06:13:58 PDT

Dear Shri Srinivasan
I had the same doubts earlier. When I enquired, my acharyar gave me some
explanations. Let me share it with you.
>A Mahapurushan such as
>Alavandar who attained moksham , should be presently doing nityakainkaryam
>Perumal in SriVaikuntham. If Alavandar was cremated, does his soul still
>the body of Alavandar (on earth) in Vaikuntham? (ie, If in SriVaikuntham,
>souls still have the body they were-in during their stay on earth). (This
>just one example that came to my  fictitious brain when i started putting
>together this note.)
After death a soul heading towards moksham  travels with what is called
a 'Sookshma sariram'. This is microscopic.
This 'Sookshma sariram'  just helps the soul travel. Upon reaching the
Viraja Nadhi,
the soul gets a body which is made of  'Suddha satvam'.
> Both Nammalvar and Ramanuja mention the beauty of SriVaikuntham
>{Suzhvisum pani mughil}, and  SriVaikuntha Gadyam, respectively) and the
>nityasooris and mumukshus. Since Garudan, Adiseshan,  Viswaksenar (to name
>few) have a body that is similar to those on earth, others who attained
>must also have the body they adorned on earth.
Garudan, Adiseshan, Viswaksenar  may have bodies which have the appearance
resembling those similar to earth but their bodies are made of suddha
satvam. In fact
even in our lords avatharams, our lords body is made of this matter only.
It might be of interest for you to note that in Sri vaikuntham a person is
free to acquire
any form that he wants. He can become a flower, a lady, or even take
multiple forms to
engage in activities of doing kaimkarya to lord!
So, if Swami Alavandar wanted his body(on earth) in Vaikuntham he can have
by his mere thought.
I request learned scholars to correct me if my understanding is wrong.
Praveena nAmni Ramanuja dasi
6th Apr 1999