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pilgrimage to tiruvaheendrapuram

From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 01:10:11 PDT

Smt. Smita Ajay,

On your pilgrimage to Tiruvaheendrapuram, do not forget to take along 
with you a copy of Swami Desikan's "Hayagreeva-stotram", 
"Raghuveera-gadyam", "Devanatha-panchAsatham" and "Gopala-vimshati". 
These are all hymns in praise of the sannidhis there. There is one 
NeelamEgha Bhattar there who is the temple 'archakar'. He has an elder 
brother whose name I do not immediately recall. This brother (I trust he 
is still there) recites the stOtram-s in an very moving and musical 
fashion which is a treat to both mind and ear. If you can manage it you 
must request him to recite in your presence the "gopala vimshati" in the 
Krishna sannidhi and follow his recitation. It will be a real treat of 
an 'anubhavam'! He can also explain very well in simple terms some of 
the nuances of the poetic majesty of that work of Swami Desikan ... a 
really mystical piece of Sanskrit lyricism imbued with extraordinary 
religious devotion.

Wish you best of luck and God speed in your pilgrimage. From here in 
Kuwait I quite envy you.

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