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Proceedings of Shri Vaishnava Maanadu held on 4th April

From: B. Narasimhan (
Date: Mon Apr 05 1999 - 07:26:19 PDT

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namah !!
Sri Mathe BalaDhanvhi Maha Kuruvae Namah !!

Details of the Shri Vainava conference held on 4 th April, 1999.


Dear Devotees,

We have pleasure in  giving a gist of the proceedings of Sri Vaishnava
Conference  held at Chennai  on Sunday the  4th April 1999  as already
informed  before.

With the invocation song by Sri Venkata Varadan  from Divya Prabhandam, the
conference was inaugurated  by Justice Sri N Krishnaswamy Reddiar .  He
vividly explained the salient features of Sri Vainavam  and also expressed
the desire to unite the various vaina organisations for  serving the
community   in a coherent way.      His Holiness Sri Tirukovilur Jeeyar
presided over the conference and eloquently spoke about the sri vaishnava
sampradaya and stressed the need of the  bhagavat bhagavotmars   untiring
efforts to propagate the visistadvaita philosophy  expounded by Sri
Emberumanar. Subsequently many scholars viz.  Sri K A Varadan, IAS, Sri T S
Ramaswamy, Sri L Sadagopan , Sri Parakala Ramanujam  Sri Venu Raja Narayanan
Dr J Parthasarathy, President of Vainava Illakia Kazagam, Sri Raghu Veera
Bhattachariar,    Sri U.Ve. A V Rangachariar, gave scintillating and thought
provoking lectures on Sri Vaishnavism and expressed many new ideas for
propagating this unique philosophy.   Details of each of the speakers will
follow in due course.

In the afternoon session, His Holiness Sri Sri Sriman  Narayana Jeeyar
released the  economy edition of Divya Prabhandam   Book   and   blessed
the devotees  with   His benedictory address and mangalasasanam urai.   A
brief  of His speech  will follow shortly.

The conference was well attended   by   Sri  Vaishnavas  coming from
different parts of  Tamilnadu and also from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka  and
also  from Northern states.   A unique feature is the participation  by
many  bhagavathas and thirukulothars   in large number.

The succes of the conference was mainly because of the untiring efforts of
Thirumal Editor Sri U.Ve. Ramanujachariar who has been the master of
ceremonies, introducing the speakers to the audience and expressing views
now and then about the theme of the conference.     In the age of 75, his
service for the cause of Vainavam cannot be expressed in mere words.   It is
only Lord Sriman Narayana showered His   grance   and blessings  on Sri
U.Ve. Ramanujachariar,known  as SE RA,   which enable  him   to  make this
Conference   a  grand grand success.    He took sincere efforts in helping
Sri  T.Bhashyam   of Sri Vainava Peravai  to bring out   this  economy
edition of Divya Prabhandam.  The book  is    a treasure    to be kept in
every Sri Vaishnava’s  residence.  It costs only Rs.50/-.

Sri T.Bhashyam, President of Sri Vainava Peravai, Chennai  undertook  an
herculean task   by planning and coordinating   for the successful conduct
of   this Conference in Chennai.    Words fail to express our grateful
thanks to him    for   his yeoman service     for the cause of Sri
Vaishnavism.   We will post with some  more  details  about the conference,
its deliberations  and resolutions passed   today, shortly.

On the whole,   this conference    created  an awareness  amongst the public
in general  and Srivaishnavas in particular    for taking   some more
efforts  for propagation of the philosophy of Sri Ramanuja  .

On seeing the message through Internet, some of our devotees  sent  messages
and expressed their overwhelming support   to Sri Vaishnava Peravai and
other institutions in any manner.  The message of Sri Sudarshan
Parthasarathy from Singapore was very encouraging.  Similarly Vijay Anand
Rajagopalan also expressed is happiness over conducting such conference.
All of them needed copies of Divya Prabhandam Book released at this
Conference.    More details will be posted about this in course of time.

Elayavalli Narasimhan
Aravinda Lochana Ramanuja Dasan.