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Re: question

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 05:16:40 PST

Dear Sri Rangarajan :
A quick answer to one of your questions 
on Achaaryaas , who were Brahmachaaris :
Adhi VaNN SatakOpa YathIndhra MahA Desikan ,
PiLLai LokaachAr and his brother .
These were niashtika BrahmachAris .

Our marriage samskaaram is rooted in the VedAs
( Rg Vedam : Canto X ) and is one of the four Aasramams
sanctioned by Sruthis and smruthis like 
Sri Bhagavadh Gitaa . Elaboration of
the Vedic marriage ceremonies , the importance 
of GruhasthAsramam as one of the four 
aasramams are covered in the earlier postings
housed in the Bahkthi archives .You may wish to
refer to them for more details .

 At 03:01 AM 4/2/99 -0500, you wrote:
>To followers of visistaadvaitam, there is no necssity for sanyaasam to
>gain liberation.  Unlike Raamaanujaachaaryan,  Vedanta desika lived in
>grihastaashramam for instance. I can probably understand the state of
>sanyaasaasramam as total disengagement from worldly relationships and
>hence an expression of ultimate devotion to lord.  I can also imagine a
>life as a grihasta in total devotion to the lord.  In this context what is
>the significance of having children (procreation) and with what
>perspective does one take part in the associated act which must of nature
>involve sensory pleasure of two souls without apparently a devout purpose?
>This also got me thinking about what position unmarried people are
>accorded, although they might not have taken up sanyaasam ?  Can you give
>an example of a significant bhagavata from our lineage who might not have
>married? I can think of Bheeshmar from Mahaabhaarata but then i believe he
>had strong 'sankalpam' to forsake marriage.  What about normal people who
>never marry?
>Srinivasan Rangarajan