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Re: Panguni Utthiram sEtthi sEvai at Srirangam!

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 01:54:20 PST

Sri Venkata Gurave Nama:

Most dear Swamins,

Tears rolls down  when one attempts to read the transalation of 
saranagathi gadyam by our dear Sri.Madhavakannan.

While we read the gadyam, we should also attempt to read the 
inner heart of Emperumanar.

Emperumanar had highest concern for the future generations, fellow 
vaishnavas and after speaking to the lord he gives it in affirmative 

1. what is the highest paramartham(divine goal) one should attempt 
2. what is the way of acheiving it?(upayam)
3.Is any disqualification with respect to sex or caste or purva/present 
papams inhibit such an attempt by a person to acheive the paramartham or 
the divine goal?

he ensures from the statement of lord that the future generations will 
not have any doubt on alternatives or capability of jeevans to attempt 
at surrender.

what a Great Leader,Philosopher,a vaidiga and most of all a ACHARYAN we 
have been bestowed?

Like Andal says, by discussing, thinking and Doing kaimkaryam in this 
world, human race is most benefited.(vaiyattu vazveerkal.. tiruppavai 
pasumram 2)

the living even in Sri vaikundam is not so great.(you will always keep 
your eyes open(sada paschyanthi) and chat ahamannam.. ahamannam.

compare that living to this living  in this world doing kaikaryam to the 
achrchavatharam emperuman , being with srivaishanva goshti like ours and 
anavaratham thinking of grace of our acharyan and uttering dwaya 
mantaramwhenever prakrithi sambandam makes us to worry,feel 
anxious,jealous,angry etc..

dear friends, real live is in this world(vaiyatthu vazveerkal..) not 
elsewhere, hence be positive , happy (by nature our antaratma is bound 
to be nityaAnanda..)

pefer Vairagyam(like ones of sri.Vedanthachar) to mere virakthi(of 
Emeprumanar Thiruvadigale Saranam.



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