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Re: Religious experiences of others.

From: Tatachar (
Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 06:10:16 PDT

>>what about the experiences of other religious leaders for example - 
Jesus Christ, Mohammed .. 
Is one to reject the notion that these are true experiences /
true religions.  If these are true, what explains the dramatic
difference in the religious rules on diet, rituals etc ?
If one rejects these as false / allegorical, then how can we claim
that those "extra sensory" perceptions by the indian sages are historical
facts but those in other religions are myth?<<<<

Religious experience is no particular group or people's property. 
That's what our Sanatana Dharma says.
It is the  Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) which
consider every other religion and religious experience as FALSE. Not only
that, two of those three religions have a mandate to anihilate other
religions! That's one of the causes for sad state affairs in the past
centuries. It is not over yet either- that's even more sad.

I think myth or not myth, fact or story is also upto us. I always refer to our
books as scriptures and not mythology as some others (Learned Hindus as well )
I beleived every episode in our scriptures as fact when I was a child. I had
no problem with it.  Now, I have learn't that the episodes have a higher
message- it is immaterial if it happened word by word as stated. Remember,
most of our scriptures are poetic. Poetry has nmore freedom than prose at word
I benefitted a lot by viewing POWER of MYTH  by Joseph Campbell. I believe
others who are ready for it will too.