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All Religions of the World abound in Myths, Miracles and Mysticism. In
the age of Rationalism and Scientific approach today, the tendency to
dismiss them as figments of imagination forbids a proper appreciation of
their significance.

Here is an attempt to show that even granting the ' imagination' content
thereof, they do have far reaching effects in molding our attitudes and
character and demand our attention and respect, if for no other reason.

Myths : The worst sufferer at the hands of the so-called Rationalists
are 'Myths'. In fact, the term is defined in the dictionary as
'legendary fiction','fabulous narrative' etc implying that they cannot
be factual but fictitious, not real but made up. Nothing can be far from
truth. A certain amount of belief and faith ( if not, Superstition) in
what generations of our forebears have believed and handed down to us is
necessary, if we are to benefit from them. 

In the following pages, we allude to a few episodes randomly selected
from the Hindu scriptures. We hasten to assure you that it is not our
intention to explain the inexplicable or defend the indefensible or
justify the unjustifiable. All we seek is to figure out whether and if
so,what moral values these episodes hold for us and whether and if so,
how far they are relevant to the modern times.

Miracles : Of late,a surge of interest is noticed in the occurrence of
miracles because their occurrence is contemporaneous. If magic and
miracles can happen now 
(though not frequently), We are tempted to believe in similar happenings
in ages past. This invests a certain amount of respectability (if not
acceptance) of 'Miracles' which 'Myths' do not enjoy.

We allude to a few miraculous episodes which include ' Divine' miracles
as also the 'Siddhi' and 'Non Siddhi' miracles performed by human beings
in modern times. We discuss also the role of Godmen who turn Conmen, The
efficacy of ' Mantra' which bestow miraculous powers on even ordinary
folk,  in solving  even our mundane problems, provided they are
practiced strictly according to the 'Upadesa' (initiation) at the feet
of a qualified 'Guru'.

Mysticism : Even in the ultra modern times we live in, we face certain
experiences which neither Science nor intellectual eminence is able even
to comprehend, let alone explain or influence in any way. We allude to a
few of these mystical  experiences of both benevolent and malevolent
kinds besides those that do not fall under either category.

I hope the readers would find the presentation interesting and look
forward to a feedback and constructive criticism that can help in
enriching the contents and encouraging my further efforts. 

* While my book entitled " Hinduism Rediscovered " is ready for
publication, my other  books getting ready to be published  in the "
Explaining the Unexplained " series are: 
*  How to discern the dividing line between Beliefs, Faiths and
*  Dreams, Moles and Omens - Do they really inflence our lives?
*  What, How and more importantly the why of  Fasts, Feasts and
Festivals ? 
*  How far the Vedic Rites, Non- Vedic Rites and Rites of Passages are
still relevant    in modern times ?  and 
*  A study of Comparative Religions