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Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 11:16:07 PDT

thank you accepting me in your bhakti discussion group
dealing with visistadwaita vedanta and sri vaishnavism.i also recd your
mail containing the despatch about the discussion.this is very
informative and useful for persons like me who do not understand
tamil very well but are eager to know about the great truths 
and the mine of wisdom contained in the nalairya divya prabandhams

as you have asked for a personal introduction i mention it here

name  : venkat iyengar sundararajan
native place : srivilliputtur, tamil nadu ,india

current occupation: research student
propulsion laboratory 
aerospace engg dept 
iit kharagpur 721302 india

previous background;
spent my childhood and student life mainly in gujarat
so i did not have the opportunity to learn tamil as a
formal subject in school.did my bachelor's in mechanical engg
at srivilliputtur
i am interested in knowing more about the vaishnava philosophy
i have learnt the chanting of a few suktams in the vedas
as most of the vaishnava literature is in tamil i think 
participation and discussion in this newsgroup will be
very useful for me in the appreciation and understanding
of sri ramanuja's philosophy and the nalairya divya prabandham

it is very nice of the founders of this newsgroup to have 
initiated and maintain such anews/disscussion group for the benifit
of thosands of vaishnavites and others interested in sri vaishnavism

adiyen ramanuja dasan
s.venkat iyengar