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Re: An Appeal to shrI Sadagopan (Re: Sri Ranga Pancharathnam :Part 13.1 of Sri Ranganatha Temple project)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 03:40:04 PDT

Dear Sri Raja Krishnaswamy :
Many thanks for your kind note on the postings
and particularly on the ones related to our
musical heritage as it pays homage to the rich
tradition of Bhakthi and SaraNAgathi .

By the time , I saw your note , the bird had flown the
nest . I just had clicked the send button and then
I checked for mail and swa your moving note.
It was too late.I agree with you that the flood 
of memories that come to one on listening to these 
krithis is enormous , hust like KaavEri river on
PathinettAm perukku dinam in Aadi .I will make up
for this non-detailed account of Sriranga
Pancha rathnam  in the subsequent posts by
interspersing some of the thoughts of AzhwArs 
and Saint ThyagarAjA . I will also write on 
another gem of Dheekshithar in VaraLi ,
SeshAchala Naayakam  'as I am preparing for the 
Pittsburgh meeting .

Inputs like yours and that Of Sri MaadhavakkaNNan and 
all other BhakthAs keep me encouraged to write .
Thanks again .

V.Sadagopan     At 11:41 AM 4/27/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Shri Sadagopan:
>I have been patiently waiting all this while for your commentary on the Shri
>Ranga Pancharathnams.  However your first posting indicated that you will be
>discussing all the 5 gems in one post.  This did hit me as an anti-climax !