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Re: Dayasagara Satakam of Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar verse 21

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 14:46:27 PDT

rAmAnuja dayApAthram gnAna vairAgya bhUshaNam |
shrImath vEnkata nAthAyam vanthE vEthAntha dEsikam ||

gamapyAthyam gurum vanthE kamalA gruha mEthinam |
pravakthA chantha sam vakthA pAncha rAthrasya ya: svayam ||

May be the following :

>mumukshubhistu jijnAsyam mAlOlam sarvakAraNam		I
>SAstraih: eva hi samvEdyam dayAsaragam AshrayE      	II

can be interpreted as:

By studying the vEdAs alone (please note that here shrI mukkUr swAmy, may
actually imply the divine texts not limited to the 4 vEdAs), along with the
realization that shrI mAlOlan is indeed the controller of all that is, was
and to be, i.e., "sarvakAraNam", and such a stage of purity in thought, does
one attain the power of discrimination to recognise that action and
realization, qualifies you as a "mumukshu" so you may attain the Lotus Feet
of the Lord along with his Consort in Shri Vaikuntham.


adiyEn Raja Krishnasamy

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attached mail follows:

>Srimate lakshmi nrsimha ParaBrahmaNE namah:
>SrimAn vEnkatanAthArya kavittArkika kesari VedAntachArya varyome
>sadA hridi	I
>Sri ranganAtha Satakopa Yateendra drishtam
>lakshmi nrsimha saThajit karuNaika pAtram	I
>Sri rangaveer raghurAT saThakopa hridyam 
>VedAnta deSika yateendram aham prappadye	II
>mumukshubhistu jijnAsyam mAlOlam sarvakAraNam	I
>SAstraih: eva hi samvEdyam dayAsaragam AshrayE      	II
>Srimate SrivaN SaThakopa Sri VedAnta dESika yateendra mahAdEsikAya namah:	II
>mumukshubhistu jijnAsyam:-		mumukshus are those that are intent on getting
>rid of this cycle of birth and death and enjoy unmitigated bliss in Sri
>Vaikuntham.  Such people become fit receptacles for perfect knowledge by
>doing KAlakshEpam at the feet of Acharyas.
>sarvakAraNam:-		The cause for obtaining good offspring, the cause for their
>protection, the cause of their being blessed with bhakti, etc.
>SAstraih: eva hi:-	One who obtains the power of discrimination by the study
>of SAstras alone.
>dayAsAgaram  AshrayE:-	I take shelter of such an ocean of mercy MAlOla
>Lakshmi Nrsimhan. 
>Because of shoddy workmanship at the printers, this book has been cut off at
>the wrong places and this is one of the verses where the meaning of
>dayAsAgaram AshrayE, where Srimad Mukkur Azhagiya Singar has so expertly
>given a different meaning for the same word in each verse, is lost.  If
>adiyen gets a book without this problem, then adiyen will complete this