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From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 07:23:02 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I have been resisting my temptaion to write this. But I am bursting out 
now; It is my bursting of my tears of enjoyment that I have been getting 
everyday when I read the posts. The excellent posts- REALLY excellent 
posts- they simply stupefy us; The rich posts rich with the Vedic hymns, 
their meanings, the kalyANa manthrams, their wonderful meanings, the 
ANdAL's vaaraNAmaayiram that anubhavam, The Sriranga kshEthram History, 
the depth of information, the extent of bhakti laden words, The 
Upanishads-Very raely I am caught in such situations, where I am left 
searching for words. 

 Wow! The real marriage was performed in the Net! Now, the temple itself 
is being constructed in the Net with the post one by one, like the 
individual marble stone; Sri SadgOpan! Simply superb is each one of your 
post is grossly an understatement. Blessed are we with a bhAgawathA like 
you amongst us;  

The Dayasathakam post by Sri Krishnamachari was marvellous; Looks like 
the entire Net as a whole, has occupied a permanent place at SrI 
vaikuntam. I can imagine the space being reserved for all of us to 
perform kaimkaryamat the Lotus Feet of Divya Dampatis. 
Look at the way, everyone is working towards the temple kaimkaryam. Wow! 
What an excellent web site! I have been drinking the beauties of those 
20 pictures almost everyday! Great Dileepan! Really Great! 

It is my parama bhAgyam to be of a member of this esteemed group of 
SrIvaishNavas; It is His mercy to bring us together; It is Sri MaNi, who 
has pleased and been pleasing the Lord with such an excellent kaimkaryam 
of bringing us together; 

I happened to bump into the web sites where I read about  
ThirukkaNNapuram Divya sthalam written so beautifully by Sri SadagOpan, 
and The Lord of Seven Hills, written by Sri MuraLidhar Rangaswamy. They 
are so good; so nicely written with rich photos of PerumAL. I have also 
remebered to have read another time an article on ThiruveLLarai PerumAL 
written by none other than our Sri SadagOpan. 

Perhaps, there are other sites, written by many others of SrI vaishNava 
group, that I have not seen yet; 

Thanks to each one of you for blessing us with such RICH, MARVELLOUS 
POSTS. Please keep it up! 

Now, Sri Anbil Swami is also showering his lovely, short, sweet, cute 
posts; with lovely Vaatsalya bhakti, Maadhurya bhakti and the sowlabhya 
KaNNan. Sri Jagannath, of course has been indefatigably blessing us with 
his writing! 

pologha poligha poligha pOyiRRu valluyirch chaapam!    

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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