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Thiruvaaimozhi 5.7- Tvat paadha moolam saraNam PrapadyE!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 06:48:45 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr suffering terribly the pangs of separation from Emperumaan, 
narrated in so many ways his (her?) sufferings and praised Emperumaan's 
vibhUtis. Still, He has Not shown Himself to our poor AzhwAr. Then, our 
AzhwAr has realised that the Lord may be under the impression that he 
has the capability to possess the bhakti and jnAnam to attain Him and 
hence, he will use that bhakti and jnAna yOgham and attain Him- Thinking 
like that, He may have decided to keep silent and is not acting. He has 
NOT found out my incapability and is not considering my helpless 
situation and the enormous amount of sins I have committed. It is MOST 
APPROPRAITE to only surrender at His Feet the way VibheeshaNAzhwAn did 
from the enemy camp, with a complete mahAvishwasam, unmindful of whether 
he will be accepted or not. AzhwAr here surrenders himself to the Lord 
of srIvaramangala nagar Vaanamaamalai perumAL. (Yet another marvellous 
set full of rich concept of sharaNAgathy)

1.  EmperumaanE!, the One who has Adhiseshan as Your bed! I have not 
performed karma yOgam; Nor have I done any jnAna yOgam; Hence, the 
bhakti yOgam, that arises out of these two, is also NOT in me; Evenm 
though I have not taken up these three yOgams, I still, CAN NOT ber 
being separated rom You, My dear Lord! I SIMPLY CAN NOT ACCEPT. I can 
not bear my sufferings of being away from You.; Oh Lord of 
SrIvaramangalam!, My dear father! , I, the one who is to be save me 
immediately, am never DIFFERENT FROM YOU. (means, I belong to You 
always; hence, take me back)
 (Alavandhaar says in Stothra rathnam: "na dharmanishtOsma nachatma 
vEdi/ na bhaktimaan tvach charaNAravindhE/ akinchanO naanya 
gathischaraNya/ tvath paadha moolam sharaNam prapadyE/ "I am not 
religious; I do not know the nature of soul; Nor do I have any devotion 
for Your Holy Lotus Feet; Therefore, I am bereft- bereft of all good, 
bereft of any other shelter; Such as I- I, surrender unto Your LOTUS 
FEET.- aahA! What a verse!) 

2.  (PerumAl says:" Ok, Not possible; You can not bear; but there are 
still hurdles for me to protect you". For that AzhwAr replies here " To 
save SitA piraatti, You cleared so many hurdles effortlessly and saved 
Her; Can you not do that to me? - As interpreted by NampiLLai). Oh 
EmperumaanE! I have not been there (with the attainment of mOksham and 
the enjoyment of Your anubhavam); nor am I here with the complete 
involvement on You attributes and beauty; I have lost any capacity, if 
at I have, to undertake bhakti yOgam for reaching You, Lord; Oh ammAnE! 
The One who destroyed LankA! SrIvaramangal nayakA!, The One who has 
ChakrA and shanghu in His hands! There is none for me except You; Please 
show mercy on me; (Periyavaacchaan PiLLai has commented about the first 
two lines of these pAsuram "anguRREn allEn inguRREn allEN/ unnaik kaaNum 
avaavil vIzhndhu/ " means: I have not gone to where You are and enjoy 
Your Beauty; nor am I able to live as one among these samsaaris who have 
no desire to be near You, due to my desire and longing to see You; I am 
not suitable for these samsaaris who wish to own everything except You; 
- what a beautiful interpretation from Periyavacchaan PiLLai) 

3.  Oh Vaikunta nAthA! The One who has garudA in His flag! The One who 
has the chakrA in His hand! I am not fit for being considered for 
anything; I am bereft of any jnAnam; even when such is the case, You 
have still considered me as an object and taken me as Your eternal 
servant; Oh srIvaramangal naayakA! The place where chaturvEdis, 
SrIvaishnavaas live! What can I do to repay You and show my gratitude 
for that You have done to me! (There is nothing that I can do at all!)

4.  For those helpless Pancha paaNdavaas, You have marvellously won the 
battle against those hundred Kauravaas; You are so great! My Father! The 
One who brought the earth back during the Cosmic cycle end! OH 
SrIvaramanagal naayakA! You are so merciful and dayAkaran who comes by 
His own desire to protect us and save us; There is nothing that we have 
to do and make You do! It is all Your mercy alone! Is there any use for 
any effort from us (when we are not at all capable of performing any 
other means to attain You- like bhakti, jnAna or karma yOgam, How we can 
call You to come near us?; You should come by Your self on Your own, 
help me and save me with Your grace and mercy )

5.  Is there anything I have to enable You to come to me? It is You, 
who, on Your own, has to come; You are Great Dark Maayavan, who is 
capable of entering into any group and become one among them to mislead 
them;  (For example, You entered into Buddha and enabled them to push 
themselves  far away from You with no vaidheeka saastras by misleading 
them with nihilistic approach, which is not true! ) That is all for 
those who do not believe in You; But can You do that to Your adiyaar 
like me? You are showing Yourself so majestically at SrI varamanghala 
nagar, where SrI vaishNavaas, stay there permanently to pay obeisance to 
You; I too, prostrate at Your Feet. My Lord! 

6.  Oh Varaaha PerumaaLE! The One who brought back the Earth during the 
PraLaya kaalam and saved the Earth! Oh Deivanaayaka PerumaanE! The One 
who enslaves me at all times and rules me! Oh Bright Emerald Lord! 
Vaanamaalai PerumanE! The One who is worshipped by everyone with both 
their hands at Srivaramangalam! Please sow mercy and come to save me and 
make me pay obeisance to You.

7.  ( "vandharuLi ennenjidam koNda vaanavar kozhundhE!" starts this 
pAsuram. Read it again. The narration about this line by AchAryAs is 
simply beautiful and blissful). Oh Chief of NityasUris, Chief of dEvAs! 
MIND! You are the Primordial Chief and are the Father and Mother of the 
Entire Universe! You are The One who protecetd the Seven worlds by 
keeping them in Your stomach during the Cosmic cycle ending! You are The 
unmatched, eternal,Faultless, Blemishless PeumAL, who is staying at 
SrIvaramangalnagaram, where Paramaikaanthns ( expecting no fruits for 
their eternal kaimkaryam to You), SrIVaishNavaas, recite VedAs and 
perform yaaghams! Please show mercy on me and accept my servitude and 
ceaselessly enable me to perform kaimkaryam at Your Feet! ("vandharuLi 
ennenjidam koNda vaanavar kozhundhE!" (1). Paraasa bhattar used to ask 
Namjeeyar always to recite this line and used to join him; He enjoyed 
this line so much because of  the sarva sowlabhya nature of the Lord. 
SarvEshwaran, ParamAthmA, Sarva yagnan, Sarva vyApakan, who from 
SrIvaikuntam, came all the way to this place where we live; not just 
that. AzhwAr also says  "He has entered into my mind, who is so useless, 
worthless, who does not have any jnAnam, bhakti, sincerity, etc., He is 
such a dayAparan, ParamakAruNikO Bhagawaan, - He has so mercifully 
entered into my mind!" dearest sisters and Brothers, when we ourselves 
enjoy this line so much and appreciate, we can imagine how much Bhattar 
and Namjeeyar, the Parama bhAgawathAs, Great AchAryAs, would have 
enjoyed million times more!  (2). When Aappaan Thiruvazhundhoor araiyar 
used to sing this pAsuram, he always gets stuck here in the beauty of 
the first word "vandharuLi", that he keeps on repating the same word 
"vandharuLi, vandharuLi", without being able to proceed further; - What 
a Great anubhavam!)

8.  Oh PerumaanE! The One who split the beak of the bird asurA! It 
appears You created the five indriyAs only to push aside the people who 
do not long to see You and are not Your bhaktAs; At least I have 
realised that; But, You have not considered me still; Please do not 
ignore me also, dear! It is full of mud and how can I reach the shore 
from this ocean of samsaara! It is very difficult and so slippery shore 
that one always falls back by getting caught in those five indriyAs! I 
am scared that You will push me also into those five indriyAs; I belong 
to You only; You  The One who is staying at SrIvaramangalanagar 
permanently, please do not push me;

9.  Oh EmperumaanE! The One who killed the asurA, who came in the guise 
of bird! You are the One who went in between the two marudha trees and 
killed the two asurAs! You are the One who killed the seven oxen! You 
are KaNNan, My Maayavan! The Brightest Black Emerald-like Beauty! You 
are my Father, who stays at SrIvaramangala nagar! Please make me get 
saved by You and enable me perform eternal kaimkaryam to You! 

10.  You have offered me Your Lotus Feet as the Only means for me; There 
is no other means; For this Great mercy and dayA of Yours, What can I do 
to pay back and How? There is nothing that I can do; Because, I, myself 
belong to You only, Ain't I? Oh SrIvaramangalnAyakA! The One who has 
ThuLasi maalai on Your head! Oh Lord of all Gods! I can offer only my 
jIvan to You as the "Prathi upakaaram";

11.  The Chief of all Gods, Sriman Narayanan, Trivikraman- On His 
Thiruvadi, The Lotus Feet, SrI SadgOpar, has sung thousand pAsurams; Out 
of those 1000 pAsurams, these ten has been sung on Srivaramangai Divya 
dEsam; Those who recite them with the knowledge of its meanings, are 
sure to be the nectarine people among NityasUris;

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLe saraNam                

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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