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Re: ThirukkalyANa MahOthsavam 7.2 (fwd)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 16:35:17 PDT

Dear VedAbhimAnis :
I forgot to include the fifth 
MangaLa snAna manthrams in my earlier post.
I am adding it now for completeion .
>sivEna thvaa chakshushaa pasyanthvApa:
>sivayA tanvOpa sprusanthu tvacham thE I
>kruthas chyuthas susayO yaa: paavakA ta aapas 
>saggu syOnA bhavanthu .

>>Fifth manthram 
>>Oh bride ! May these auspicious waters cast their 
>>benovolent glances in your direction !May they touch 
>>the skin covering your body with their auspicious 
>>forms ! May these pure waters that soften ghee 
>>confer on you sukham and concordance with your
>>beloved one .
>>The reference to Agni residing inside water has 
>>been elaborately dealt with in the earlier 
>>Soorya NaarAyaNa manthrA postings .