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From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 06:24:55 PDT

>SrI P. SrI interprets that rAma was meditating on amalanAdhipirAn 
>(because of the use of the edugai words 'amala' and 'nimala'), 
>since HE is doing parihAram for having talked jovially to SUrpaNakha.
>It also shows how well-learned about AzhwAr's prabhandams kamban was.
>It should be borne in mind here that we should ignore the kAlam
>difference between rAmAvatAra kAlam and pANAzhwAr's kAlam, but learn to
>enjoy the kamba rasam as expounded so nicely by Sri P. SrI.
>kalyani krishnamachari
>ps. This information has been taken from a book on amalanAdhipirAn by
>an unknown author - published by SAnti press.
>[Bharadwaj, Jaganath]  
>There is no reason to ignore the KAlam difference between Sri Rama avatAram
>and pANAzhwAr's kAlam.  Sri Krishna clearly explains in the Geeta that the
>Bhagavad Geeta was taught to Vivaswan in some previous age, but because the
>message was lost, He is repeating it again.  Similarly the Azhwar Pasuram's
>which are the Vedas themselves are eternally chanted in Sri Vaikuntham.
>These were manifest through Sri thirupANAzhwAr for our benefit in Kali Yuga.
>There is no reason to assume that we currently have information on everything
>that was known to our Rishis back in trEta Yuga.  Just as they were able to
>comprehend the VEdas, some of them (agasthya perhaps?) could have
>comprehended the divya prabandhams in the same way.