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Sri Ranganatha Temple at Pomona, NY
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 09:30:33 PDT

Dear Prapatti Group Members:

I am glad to inform you that there is an overwhelming support among the
Hindu community (Smarthas and Vaishnavas and North Indians) in Buffalo to
support the Sri Ranganatha temple project.  Shri Sadagopan's articles were
of great help.  In a few weeks time I will know the dollar figures that
will go to help the project so well conceived by His ardent devotees.

Sri Ranganatha is our Kula Dhanam.  When Alavandar was told by Shri Rama
Mishrar (ManakkAl Nambi), the existence of a family treasure, and when he
learned that the family treasure is none other than Lord Ranganatha, he
gave up his whole kingdom to serve the Lord.  Such is the greatness of the
Lord.  He belongs to every one of us.

Till the temple reaches a stage where it is self-sustaining, as members of
the Prapatti group, I think we should all provide our maximum support and
seriously consider becoming a life-member of the organization responsible
for bringing Lord Ranganatha to the American continent.

I must also add that I enjoyed reading Shri Sadagopan's article on the
Srirangam temple gopuram.  I was in Srirangam during that time and one of
the posters said:  "mA Mannan katta mudiyAdadai mA Muni katti mudiththAr".
Mr Sadagopan has captured that spirit very well.

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan