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Thiruvaaimozhi 5.2- Long live these srIvaishNavaas!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 05:34:58 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this decad of 5.2, AzhwAr gets excited at SrIvaishNavAs and greets 
all SrIvaishnavAs, BhakthAs of Emperumaan "pallaaNdu, PallaaNdu". There 
are two different kinds of introductions from AchAryAs. Emperumaanaar 
says: When AzhwAr uttered "onRum dEvum.." in 4.10, and established the 
Parathvam of Emperumaan, the srIvaishNavAs became more ardent bhakthAs 
of SrIman Narayana and became the object of enjoyment even for 
NityasUris. AzhwAr saw that and was so excited that he sang 
ThiruppallaaNdu for SrIvaishnavAs. 

The version of Alavandhaar is different and that is: To see AzhwAr's 
SrIvaishNava form, NityasUris came down to the earth. AzhwAr sang 
mangaLaasaasanam for NityasUris.- Like that Thirumalai Andaan narrated. 
Both are indeed great anubhavams and are most appropriate. 

Let us look at AzhwAr's ThiruppallaaNdu at SrIvaishnava bhAgawathAs. I 
can not resist writing the transliterated version of the first two 
pAsurams for their lovely words filled with excitement and happiness of 

1.  poligha poligha poligha pOyiRRu valluyir saapam/ naliyum naraghamum 
nandha namanukku inghu yaadhonRum illai/ kaliyum kedum kaNdu koNmin 
kadal vaNNan bhUthangaL maNmEl/
        maliyap pugundhu isai paadi aadi uzhidharak kaNdOm/

The BhagawathAs and devotees of Emperumaan, (the blue hued Ocean 
coloured Lord,) are the SrIvaishNavaas are now filled in this world, 
dancing and singing His glories and are seen everywhere by us. Hence, 
all our sins that can hamper the progress of AthmA have all gone away. 
The fearsome hell also is no more applicable for us; Hereafter, there is 
no work for yaman in this world. The dOsham for kaliyugham has also 
gone. You all will see for yourself. Long live! Long live Long Live!   

2.  kaNdOm kaNdOm kaNdOm kaNNukkuiniyana kaNdOm/ thoNdeer! Elleerum 
vaareer! Thozhudhu thozhudhu ninRaartthum/ vaNdaar thaNNanthuzhaayaan 
madhavan bHuthangaL maNmEl/ paNthaan paadi ninRu aadip paRandhu 

We have seen these SrIvaishNavaas, who are most worthiest to be seen by 
our eyes. Oh ThoNdargaLE! (Servants of Sriman Narayana!-) all of you 
come here! All of you join with me to sing mangaLaasaasanam for 
BhAgawathAs. Let us prostrate at their feet again and again and arising 
out of that happiness, let us shout with great joy and enjoyment. (Ahaa 
! Enna anubhavam!) The BhakthAs of Madhavan, (who wears the Most 
fragrant ThuLasi maalai), are dancing and singing his Glories.

3.  Kaliyug is capable of corrupting everything and everyone's minds 
with dirt and ills; Such a kalyug will no more exist and the mood and 
nature of the Most Divine Krutha yugham is being brought by these 
SrIvaishNavaas with their existence and singing and dancing on Lord's 
Glories. Even NityaSUris are here to witness these SrIvaishNvaas' 
excitement and bhakti. Everywhere, SrIvaishNavam has spread and spanned 
(Very true! Even across the Net, it is being spread so widely; Look at 
the rich scenes and history of SrIrangam brought out so beautifully by 
Sri Sadagopan, and the excellent narration of Dayasathakam by Sri 

4.  The other religions that were established at different places have 
all been won over and are being corrected by SrIvaishNavaas. They dance 
and sing Emperumaan's glories and are going everywhere to spread 
SrIvaishNavam. When these BhAgawathAs go around singing His Glories, at 
some places they settle down; at some places, they just stop by; some 
places they just pass by; They bend themselves, jump and dance with 
their legs going up the sky. 

5. Oh Guys, who are involved with the servitude to Non-SrIvaishNavaas! I 
can see in front of my eyes what these SrIvaishnavaas are going to do to 
you all. I know what they are upto. With their eternal servitude to 
Sriman Narayanan, they are going to transform the entire kalyug. They 
are going to replace the nature of kalyug with that of krutham. They are 
going to destroy you even (means your vibharItha jnAnam); There is no 
doubt about it. Hence, if you are born as asurA or rAkshasA, beware! 
there is no escape for you all.            

6.  Since SrIvaishNvaas, the devotees of SrIman Narayana are spreading 
everywhere and are now here, there will be no more sorrows in this 
world. The diseases, enmity, hunger will all vanish. These bhAgawathAs 
are dancing and singing Emperumaan's glories are existing everywhere 
now.  Oh ThondargalE! Concentrate your mind on these SrIvaishnavaas and 
follow their good path of devotion and pay obeisance to SarvEshwaran to 
get saved!

7.  When DevathAs whom you have in your hearts protect you, they do not, 
by themselves have the inherent capacity of protection. They protect you 
all, only with the mercy and grace from Emperumaan KaNNapiraan (on 
Them). The example for that phenomenon is MarkaNdEya puraaNam. There can 
be no doubt about it in your mind. ("kaRuttha manam onRum vENdaa"). 
There is NO GOD SUPERIOR to KaNNan. Also, even when you perform the 
daily anushtaananghaL on other dEvathAs, they all reach Him since these 
dEvathAs are His sarIram only. Consider as if these daily anushtaanams 
are the Thiruvaaraadhanam to Emperumaan KaNNan and perform them to those 

8.  Sriman Narayanan, The One who has Periya Piraatti and SrIvatsam in 
His chest, as the Chief of DevAs and other demi Gods, has appointed 
these dEvathAs to carry out various activities and duties. People, due 
to their past karmAs and puNya paapams accrued over the ages, have been 
praying to their respective dEvathAs and get protected. Emperumaan, the 
Chief of these DevathAs is being praised by SrIvaishnavaas now 
everywhere in this world. You also join them to become the servants of 
Emperumaan SrIman Narayanan.

9.  This world is now filled with BhAgawathA and adiyaars. (BhAgawathAs, 
who sing in praise of His glories and Adiyaars, who are and always wish 
to be His servants like BharatAzhwAn and LakshmaNa muni respectively). 
Such SrIvaishnavaas pay obeisance to SrIman Narayanan. They recite the 
most purest vEdhas like Purusha sUkhtham etc., and are highly devoted to 
Emperumaan. They perform Thiruvaaraadhanam with dhUpam, dheepam, Sandal 
paste, flowers and Holy water. You also pay respects and obeisance to 
such SrI vaishNavaas and get saved!   (here Emperumaanar says: AzhwAr 
asks us to join SrIvaishnavaas to pay obeisance to Emperumaan Sriman 
Narayanan. Alavandhhar says: AzhwAr asks us to become servants to 
SrIvaishNavaas to get saved- "mEvithozhudhu uyyumin"!- we should do 
both; Shouldn't we?) 

10.  In all these worlds, everywhere, including Sivan, BrahmA, Indran 
and other dEvAs, all have been paying obeisance to KaNNa Piraan's Most 
Beautiful Divya ManghaLa vigraham.  If you also, like them, worship 
KaNNan, My Emperumaan, all ills of kalyug will get removed.

11.  SrI SadagOpar has sung thousand pAsurams on Emperumaan, who has the 
brightest most beautiful Divine ThirumEni and who is also a Maayan, who 
showers His most merciful glances at His bhakthAs and removes completely 
the ills and sorrows of His devotees (arising out of kalyug nature).  
Out of those 1000, those who read these ten pasurams will have no 
vibharIta jnAnam in their minds. 

In the fifth pAsuram, AzhwAr says "kaRuttha manam vENdaa" means have no 
wrong concept or doubt in your minds. Here he implies the jIvAthman's 
servitude to Emperumaan who is PraNva poruL and its nature of being His 
property naturally. It refers to ananyaarha sEshathvam. When AzhwAr says 
"mEvitthozhudhu uyyumin" in the ninth pAsuram, he refers to nama: 
shabdham and when AzhwAr says concentrate your mind in the sixth, he 
refers to the Purushaartham -  "Narayana" shabdham in ThiruashtAksharam. 
That is the reason AzhwAr says those who read these ten pAsurams, 
especially its meanings, will have no vibharIta jnAnam (it will cut 
asunder the dirt from the minds- "maasaRukkum") due to the excellent 
reference to Thirumanthram.  
AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam      

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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