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Sri Perundevi Sametha PeraruLaLan

From: Murali Vanamamalai (
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 23:42:25 PDT

Sri Perundevi Sametha Sri PeraruLalan Thiruvadigale CharaNam

Iam grateful to be part of this list and wish to thank every one for their
tireless efforts.

It looked like it was midnight. Everybody was fast asleep. Where ? On the
front yard, front of the house, Thinnai and on the pavement side walk
wherever. You heard some of them getting up many of them lots of people.
They are awakened by a the divine sounds. How gifted they should be ? Each
one is at a different level of sleep, some fully wake and some half a sleep.
Then all the brightness is focussed on the face and 4 vedas (Chatur Marai)
is produced not from human mouth but from the MANI. It is rare sight
ThollukuEniYAnil (sweet for the shoulder) not only for the shoulder also for
the heart (ManathukuEniYAn)  HE is moving like a swift river. Now you can
here ELLA ELLA  (keep going) the Battar or Fit Person is chanting these
words. It is all the beauty ALwars enjoyed and ACharyas wondered. We can
also get to enjoy +ACE-   EnnArangathinamudhar,
Kuzhal Azhagar,  Vai Azhagar , KAnnazhagar, Koppuzhil Ezhu kamala
Poovazhagar  EmmAnar.        Kolan KariyaPiran, Polinthu Ninra Piran, Yezhu
Esaiyin Suvai, Kannul Nin AgalAn ,
En Amudhinai Kanda kaNgal MaRonRinai KANave. The list goes on. You can see
all in one.

Thuya AMudhai Parugi Parugi  (keep drinking the sweet nectar)
MAya Piravi Myarvaruppene

If you think,   you want to See Emberuman (God) dont get directions for
(Vandhavar Yethir KoLa MAA Mani Mandapathu Andhamil PErin Bathu  ADiya rodu
Erunthamai )  - Living with Nitya suris in eternal bliss
Ulagil Archavatharam Elithu Enran (Archavatharam is easier)

Those who have NOT experienced will say Kanchi Garuda Sevai.  Those who had
the darshan of the Lord of Kanchipuram going to get into the Chariot (Theru)
will have a different opinion. +ACI-Emayor Thalaivan+ACI-
Perumal is adorned with  SigathAdai (Ther Kondai) (which is a pink colored
silk with zari wound around the kritam to make it very elegant nd on the top
of it would have a thilakam, sun and moon shaped ornaments)
Then all the jewels the adoring Chanku, Chakaram, Abhaya Hastham,  Gadhai
all covered with gems. And innumerable  necklaces, ThirumAL Lakshmi
(Agalgillen ERayummenru Alarmel Mangai URAI MARBAN)   Thanga Poonal,
ThiruVala Vattam and IMMpadaiThali - Dont believe me I am a cheater. I have
a picture of my beatiful Lord in front of me. But  in this picture HE is
adored with  Chowri (looks like real hair)

The time is in the neighborhood of 2.00 AM. Thivatti (torch - rags dipped in
oil and lighted) also serves as the lights.  He starts from Sannithi and
does not stop for any one or anything . Only time is the people who  carry
HIM may  changeover.  Goes via Thirukachi Nambi Street and Chetty st.  and
Arsham pettai (basically a straight running long street) Like  KArar Kadal
VaNan Pin Pona Nenjamum  many people follow him unable to get back to sleep.

You might be wondering why I am wrting this now ?  Because this year Sri
Parthasarathy  Perumal Garda Sevai was yesterday (Tamil New Years) This is
the time me and my friends bagavathas would be making plans for going over
to Kanchi for Sri Varadaraja Perumal 's Uthsavam which falls in May 15 - Jun
15 VAIKASI.  It is a  big deal for us. (I grew up in Triplicane) By the way
we have 5 Uthsavams for 5 Emberumans in Triplicane Sri Parthasarathy Temple
in addition to the Nityotsavams, Pakshotsavam, Vasanthotsavam, Pavithra
uthsavam, Kodai uthsavam, Adhyayana utsavam and utsavams for Alwars and
Acharyas. It is very rare to find something like this.

Thus the Lord Vardharajan gets into the Theru (chariot). Iam sure many of
our friends like Sri Varadhan would have enjoyed this Vaibhavam many a

Azhwar              Thiruvadigale CharaNam
Emberumanar  Thiruvadigale CharaNam
Jeeyar               Thiruvadigale CharaNam

Murali Vanamamalai