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Thiruvaaimozhi 5.1- The Merciful Emperumaan is everything to me.

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 22:31:57 PDT

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
iniya putthANdu VaazhtthukkaL. (Happy Tamil New year)
In Thiruvaaimozhi first hundred (mudhal patthu), AzhWar ascertained that 
only kaimkaryam to Emperumaan is the ultimate. In the second hundred, 
nammAzhwAr removed the hurdles that stand in the way to perform such 
kaimkaryam. Third Patthu, he declared that it does not stop with only 
Emperumaan; the kaimkaryam is equally applicable to ALL HIS BhAgawathAs, 
too. In the fourth, he explained that on the way, one will face the 
enemies of kaimkaryam i.e. Aishwaryam and kaivalyam; they should also be 
set aside and ignored. Now, with the blessings of our sweet NammAzhwAr 
and the grace of Emperumaan, we are entering into the fifth hundred, 
where the essence is it is He who removes all these enemies from our 
path towards the eternal kaimkaryam; Emperumaan and AzhwArs should give 
us enough strength and blessings to see us through the entire 
Thiruvaaimozhi (and then the FOUR AAYIRAM- Aren’t we extremely greedy?)
In the first decad of Fifth patthu, AzhwAr wonders at the NirhEthuka 
krupai of Emperumaan (The mreacy and dayA of our Lord on us without any 
special great effort/reason or cause). AzhwAr feels elated about His 
grace in spite of his past deeds and errors;  For ages, azhWar claimes 
he has been bogged down with five senses and their pleasures; But now, 
Emperumaan has removed all that vibharIta jnAnam and blessed him.
1.  ‘kaiyaar chakkaratthu en karu maaNickkamE enRu enRu /
poyyE kaimmai solli puRamE puRamE aadi/
meyyE peRRozhindhEn vidhi vaaykkinRu kaappaaraar/
aiyO kaNNapiraan! ARaiyO! InippOnaalE!"

What a lovely song! Beautiful Tamil. Oh KaNNA! The One who has the 
chakrA in His hand! -Like that for just telling something I was calling 
You with no bhakt or involvement in what I say. But You have believed my 
sugar coated words and fallen into the trap. You have enabled me to 
obtain the Great blessings from You similar to what Your truthful 
devotees also get. What a Bhagawath krupai! When You have decided to 
shower Your grace, who can stop that? "En bhAgyamE bhAgyam."
2.  When You were a child KaNNan, You went in between the two big 
marudha trees; YasoDhA got scared that it may harm You and spoke some 
soothing words with full of love and affection; I spoke the same words 
without a semblance of bhakti and love for You and pretended to speak 
with complete involvement; Oh MaNickkamE! Honey! My Dearest Lord, 
Sweetest AmudhamE! You are so gullible and believed my words and entered 
into my heart unconditionally; Hence, the sky, the earth, pancha bhUtAs 
and everyone and everything has come to my side. 
3.  When my mid was loitering and wandering after the materialistic and 
sensual desires, my mouth uttered some words like MaNickkamE! AmudhE! 
Etc., and pretended them to be full of truthful utterances; Don’t You 
know that when You are staying in me as antharyaami? As if You can not 
know that, I cheated You, My Lord! Even then, in spite of that, You 
stole me heart and captured my mischievous mind; Now all my pretensions 
have gone and been removed by You and I am saved; Oh EmpiraanE! The One 
who sleeps on ThiruppARkadal! Hereafter, I will not desire for anything 
but YOU. You are the only hold for me;

4.  KaNNA! There is no one for me except You; _Even though I utter this 
statement, I am not able to control my mind running after the worldly 
matters. Though my mind still thinks of You with my eyes welled in tears 
longing to see You, I am not able to get over the bodily attachment. 
Hence, You have to remove my connection / relation to this body. Please 
call me and show mercy; (azhwAr in the earlier pAsurams says that he has 
been just cheating the Lord with outwardly pretensions and finds that it 
is due to the bodily attachment and vibharIta jnAnam; Due to connection 
with prakriti, the mind runs after "other" matters; Hence, he appeals to 
the Lord to remove the enemies (body), and take him to His Lotus Feet- 
Bhattar interprets this way)

5.  EmperumaanE! You came as KaNNan, in the Most Beautiful Form, the 
beauty that was enjoyed thoroughly by NityasUris; Black Emerald Beauty! 
You are the sweetest nectar that can give blissful happiness for ever 
and ever at all times; Due to the jnAnam that You granted to me, I have 
got You in my mind. Even then, due to my sarIra sambhandham, I have not 
got You. Because, You have kept me in the middle and tied me tightly and 
firmly with the body, and the tight ropes of anjnAnam, karmic diseases, 
etc., and applied the skin on the top to covet them as the paint. You 
have hidden Yourself and pushed me totally into the sensual pleasures. 
You, The One who has pushed the ever permanent athmA in this temporary 
body, are alone capable of bringing it out. I CAN NOT do any thing. 
(nampiLLai says it is like sitApiraatti’s stay at asOka vanam- azhwAr’s 
statement of swarUpa jnAnam  and still staying inside the body)

6.  (In the last pAsuram, azhwAr blamed the Lord for pushing him into 
the "siRRinbham" the sensual pleasures. Immediatley Emperumaan shows 
Himself the Divine Beauty fo His ThirumEni to AzhwAr. AzhwAr forgets all 
the body attachments and sings "kaNdu koNdEn" I have seen Him).  The 
Beauty and the complexion combined in such an exquisite combination, so 
gorgeously- Having seen Him with those broad big four shoulders, I have 
got rid of all my sorrows. That Emperumman has stupefied me with His 
Most beautiful Coral lips and mouth, Red Lotus eyes, that long hand that 
has ChakrA (to establish the dharmA), His Most loveliest ThirumEni 
(divine Body). He has robbed my heart with such a beauty. Since I have 
seen my Swami, my disease of taking any more births is totally removed. 
The most cruel puNya, paapams are the ones that tie us down to various 
births and bodies of the AthmA and these ties can never be loosened or 
untied. Since I have seen Him, all such ties are all removed and are no 
more applicable to me. There will be no more body for me because I have 
prostrated and paid obeisance to Emperumman’s most beautiful 
body.(nampiLLai says "earlier this body hid that Body from "me" and now 
that Body has hidden this body from me- WoW!)

7.  (AzhwAr is totally excited and very happy about Emperumaan’s 
kataaksham. He mentions that He is so merciful and dayAkaran that 
persons of any amount of "ayOghya thanam"- wrong doings can also get His 
grace and mercy. He says" please do not loose that.") . He, the Chief of 
NityasUris, is somewhere far away beyond beyond this earth. He is so 
great and can never be accessed or approached! I am a nitya samsaari who 
is living in this material world and am such a lowly self. Bhagawaan has 
blessed me, (who is so low) and showered His mercy on me. I just 
mentioned (with absolutely no bhakti and true involvement) and called 
Him "Oh Lord who saved GajEndrA" and acted outwardly as if I am longing 
to see Him. he has believed me and fell on me to immediately save me 
from this samsaaric ocean. When I can be saved any person of any amount 
of sins can also be saved by Him. He is sure to protect us with no fail. 

8.  My Swami, Emperumaan is the Chief of NityasUris and is worshipped by 
all dEvAs, all SrIvaishNavAs in this world and NityasUris. Such 
Thirumaal, now has entered and firmly stood in my mind. Hence, He alone 
is everything for me. The beautiful eyed damsels, enormous wealth, kith 
and kin, children, the respected great mother and father are all My 
Emperumman only hereafter. 

9.  When there is a ship about to sink and capsize, Who is our saviour? 
The sailors worry and shiver with fear. Like that I wasshivering with 
terrific fear and was drowning in Samsaaric Ocean. It was Emperumaan who 
saved me from this Ocean of births and deaths. The Personification of 
exquisite Divine Beauty- Emperumaan, came with ParipoorNa krupai to me 
and said " I will save AzhwAr definitely" and saved me and joined me 
(who is His property) completely. (ThiruvaLLuvar says in ThirukkuraL 
"PiRavi perungadal neendhuvar neendhaar iRaivan adi sErAdhAr- means 
-Will cross the ocean of births; and will not cross those who do not 
surrender to the Feet of God. )

10.  Emperumaan will enslave me make me His servant- Like that I was 
just telling outwardly. He believed that and with no ambiguities, 
completely mixed with me. He has taken me as His most sweetest things. 
Such a blue hued Lord, has (due to His Great dayA on the world and its 
people) has taken avathaars as fish, tortoise, Narsimhan, Vaamanan, 
Varaaham et al. He will still appear as Kalki to save the people. Such a 
Lord of mine has become everything to me.

11.  Those who read these ten out of AzhwAr’s 1000 pAsurams on KaNNan 
will REACH HIS FEET with SrIvaishnavA body.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLe saraNam 

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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