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thiruvAymozhi project

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 13:45:59 PDT

srImathE rAmAnujAya namaha

Dear Sri bhagavathAs,

On this auspicious eve of the tamizh new year,
we have been blessed with a host of things by our Lord
and AchAryAs. We all saw the posting by Sri. RamEsh
sArangapAni regarding the chillarai rahasyam publications
by Sri. ANdavan svAmi, and the Lord's grace that enabled
bhAgavathAs in the United States to contribute to the

Today, sri. PuththUr svAmi has indicated in a letter to
us that the sixth paththu of thiruvAymozhi has been published.
(Sri. PuththUr svAmi has graciously offered a complimentary
copy of the 6th paththu to bhAgavathAs who have contributed
towards the 6th paththu. As soon as we are able to make
arrangements to bring them here, we will mail the copies
to the bhAgavathAs).

He has also indicated that for the seventh
paththu, Sri. vELukkudi KrishNan svAmi (son of Sri. vELukkudi
varadAchAriAr svAmi) has agreed to bear the entire costs
of publication.  Great indeed are the ways that the Lord
makes things happen. Sri. PuththUr svAmi has indicated
that he would like to publish the seventh and the eighth patthus
at the same time. He has already started the preliminary work
for the two paththus.

Once again, it is our fortune that we have an opportunity
to  participate in this kainkaryam.
Let us all take this opportunity to
contribute to this kainkaryam as soon as possible. The
tentative date for the completion of the collection is
May 15th. If we can raise the $3000 dollars before the 15th, we
can send the cheque to Sri. puththUr svAmi by June 1st.

The mailing address for Thondarkulam is
C/O Mohan Sagar,
1239, South Boston Street,
Denver, CO 80231.

If there is a need for samples, we can mail out samples too.
(about 45 pages, just for thiruvAymozhi 1.1.1 - uyarvara
uyarnalam pAsuram, containing the following commentaries -
ArAyirappadi, onbadhanAyirappadi, panneerAyirappadi,
irupaththunAlAyirappadi, eedu muppaththArAuirappadi,
jeeyar arumpadhavirai & adayavaLaindhAn arumpadha urai
for EEdu; the sample also has dramidOpanishad tAtparya
ratnAvaLi, dramidOpanishad sangadhi and thiruvAymozhi
nUrrandhAdhi pAsurams corresponding to the first decade).

Please do not hesitate to contact me (Varadhan,
or MOhan ( for further details.

AzhvAr emperumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam,
(For Thondarkulam)